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Updated: Feb 17

Why we seek the external right now instead of the internal ~ Escaping the Mental Body Madness.

So to rehash on Part 1: Mental Body Madness: The rise of Anger and why.

We discussed:

  • Why the Mental Body is in overdrive

  • How our beliefs at this stage of existence are experiencing dissonance

  • How and why Anger is surfacing more and more

We will begin by expanding on the 3 layers mentioned in part 1:  

​At the moment, because of the sustained flow of events and the magnification of world experiences along with our own personal world experiences and then our own internal world experiences, these 3 layers have now been magnified and therefore so has our Mental Body in order to find order in the disorder.

I refer to these as layers in the way they present:

  • Layer 1 ~ external global world experiences (current world events)

  • Layer 2 ~ personal world experiences (your everyday life world that you have going on around you personally

  • Layer 3 ~ internal world experiences (your own thoughts, feelings, core issues, and personal evolution)

As mentioned, the Mental Body can be likened to a needy, grabby child. If you can imagine (and some of you do not need to as you have children), having to grasp and hold onto that child at every given moment from touching and grabbing at everything in sight. Pulling it back, pulling it back continuously. It becomes exhausting and you need to find new ways of doing it or repeating your ways over and over. So now the Mental Body has these 3 world layers to deal with simultaneously where as in the past, dealing with these layers may have been staggered or at intervals, but not all at the same time for the same extended time of  duration. This is what makes this so unique and unusual for the Mental Body and why it has this snatch and grab, control in order to try and anchor itself to something tangible.

The Rise of AVOIDANCE as a Coping Mechanism

Unfortunately most of us feel we do not have the time nor the capacity to sit and explore our own internal functioning, so we turn to something that will provide us with a tangible solution.   When I refer to Medication, I refer to the things we turn to to self medicate or self sooth. We naturally want to avoid uncomfortable experiences so we often turn to external solutions that provide a way of shutting off or putting a veil on all of the 3 world layers. Medication isn't just something we put into our body, it can be a particular behaviour. People often turn to substances or prescription medication in order to either have a calming affect or a desensitization and escapism effect and this is all sought out with the intention for a person to be able to cope and function in a orderly manner.    The problem though is that the 3 layers still exist and it may buy some reprieve time in between the Mental Body Madness, and pul it back, however, you are still faced with your beliefs, your ideals, you world views, being altered, challenged, confronted along with the dissonance experience. So again this is what makes it so challenging for so many people right now to know how to understand their internal experience and also where to turn for help, or more so, effective help.   

At this stage, having to look after and cope with ones own Mental Body and engage with another's Mental Body is very challenging no matter whether you are at work, out in the world or dealing with those whom are in your immediate circle of relating. Those whom will be challenged the most with their Mental Body and the reforming of their Mental Body will be those whom are in the most resistance of adaptation and evolution. This is because they are being pressured into dropping old concepts of values, self, reality, humanity, world views, spirituality, and so on, and encouraged to find new ways of reforming to shape their standard of living and relating.  Many are finding themselves being truly isolated with their own Mental Body, facing core issues that are rising and surfacing that need to be dealt with also. So we are now faced with a new form of isolation which I will call "Consciousness Isolation". This is due to those whom we have known for some time, family members, communities we belong to, close friends, they are all being affected differently and so you may notice that your perceptions and views may start to differ from others. You may feel pulled towards material, content, solutions, concepts that those may not be right now, or experiencing connecting with others more in a way that you haven’t before.   

​So again to maintain a certain level of Homeostasis, whilst dealing with a Mental Body in overdrive, we are attempting to avoid “Instant Detonation” (remember the sunburn skin analogy) and so we are going to avoid anything or anyone that will add to any more dissonance than what we are already experiencing and yet also at the same time wanting to get away from the prickly mental body energies of another we are engaging with and connecting with. So where does that leave us?

No... Not the "M" Word?

Unfortunately Meditation gets coined as New Age Practices or related to certain Spiritual beliefs or practices associated with particular imagery and persona. It is simply not the case and creates limitations for those to have to fit into a particular genre in order to do the practice. There are so many different elements to meditation and I have been exposed to many in my years. The type of Meditation I am referring to is basic natural occurrence that we actually go into in our everyday being states. It is a from of reflective contemplation and has the ability to bring ones self inwards and learn to bring awareness to internal consciousness, slowing down the Mental Body processing to listen and observe what is going on and decode the dominating thoughts. 

On that note, I will wrap it up for today, and continue tomorrow in the next part of: Mental Body Madness ~ Decoding the Dominating Thoughts and Finding the Pattern.

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