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Part 4 ~ Mental Body Madness ~ The Crossing Over Of Consciousness ~ Bring Back Imagination.

We have discussed the Mental Body going through a purge of dated beliefs and programs to make way for a new identity. There is a fear in the risk of what that means to the current identity. As mentioned in Part 3, the outer world energies pushing up against the internal world energies, are pressurising our current beliefs and programs to purge in order to be re-templated with a new consciousness of existence to reshape and reform ourselves individually and then as a whole for humanity. The Mental Body Madness is magnifying the internal battle within ourselves as we try and negotiate around the parameters of what we are willing to let go of or remain attached to.  

This is a desire to remain at a particular consciousness level that your beliefs and programming hold and keep you in. So remember the Mental Body wants order, control and needs met. Pushing it and squeezing it to a new level of consciousness is painful for it. It is experiencing large amounts of dissonance, sensory overload, overdrive and instant detonation. It doesn’t want to let go of its already residing consciousness that it has become comfortable in even if there is discomfort in it. It knows what it knows already on this level.  It knows its capacity of pain, annoyance, fear, loss, expectation, pleasure, capacity, connection, love, spirituality, health etc. Raise it to a new level and then what?  

The Crossing Over of Consciousness

The issue is that we are all at very different consciousness levels experiencing the same global scenario. As the Mental Body Madness occurs, it is decoding and sorting itself into where it wants to sit in its new level of consciousness. This is referred to as being "The crossing over of consciousness". You will notice mentioned in Part 2, a new form of isolation such as "consciousness isolation" comes into place. This is due to consciousness expanding and shaping differently from those of common connections we would normally have around us. So we feel we may connect on particular levels with those whom we would be close with normally, but perhaps have felt a distancing in other areas where we would normally connect with them on.   

This can be a very challenging time for those whom have not had any shaping within their Mental Body to be provided with an internal anchor as to how to make sense of the Mental Body Madness in a higher viewed informal way, because it can become stuck in the  "thought forming" cycle of fear, anxiety, panic, depression, isolation, loneliness, grief, loss, anger, injustice and so on. 

Risking the Known for the Unknown ~ Bring Back Imagination

All life choices come with an element of risk. Most of the challenge and turmoil experienced with MBM is also associated with our own personal risk level and the risk involved for the future of humanity as a whole. We want the world to evolve and change on a global scale but at what cost? We are continuously asking how is this going to affect our current own personal circumstances? Again our Mental Body "needs" outcomes. 

The way forward in anchoring yourself in the Mental Body Madness process, is to find ways to access the creative imagination faculty. It is about bringing oneself out of the head and back into the feeling of heart space again. This then assists in creating a broader higher consciousness that has you become connected as to what life is really about for you, from now, in the now. What areas of life do you need to clean up? How do you want to shape and form your existence from now? What is in your immediate power that you are able to utilise around you to map a pathway forward for yourself. 

Evolution is here and we either rise with it or become swept away.

Aliki Nektaria


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