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Part 3: Mental Body Madness: Decoding The Dominating Thoughts & Finding The Pattern.

As mentioned in Part 2, we have a very small concept of what meditation is. The natural consciousness within an individual is equipped to do this, however, we have lost access to utilising it as part of the psyche and recognise it only as "day dreaming". So "day dreaming" is a partial meditative state of natural occurrence. It is not a religion, is not a spiritual belief or practice, it is part of our consciousness state that is overlooked and misguided. Learning to observe and notice when the Mental Body is in overdrive is part of the self awareness process of decoding and breaking down the continuations of the running dominating thoughts. Even just closing the eyes for 5 minutes will shift brain waves into an alpha state (where relaxation begins) whilst focusing on breathing. 

The exposure and bombardment of external stimuli from world events, over a very small concentrated period of time is forcing the Mental Body to drop old programs that it has used to exist in order to re-template or re-pattern itself with a new framework to mature and expand from its very primitive role. It is decoding the most dominating programs and beliefs we are holding. It is a process that is needed for us to evolve as a species from a grabby child into a more meditative, cleaner thinking individual. 

During this time as we all privately and outwardly process the global change that Covid has created, the Mental Body, having to deal with the 3 World Layers mentioned in Part 2, can not exist in the same way it has done so in the past. The main function of the Mental Body is to interpret the stimuli from the external world and the emotional and spiritual bodies to convert it into thought, language or action for the linear problem solving mind.

Structures of our society are now being remoulded, and it is happening at this point in time on the planet because it needs to. Our thinking needs to change in order for the world to change as a whole. If you consider the ruins of old buildings over time, the integrity of their structure begins to decay and crumble if the foundations have not been set correctly. We as a collective, see any form of break down as a negative at first, associating it with fear and loss, becoming hijacked in the experience of it, rather than the uncovering of what the breaking down is revealing.  

Decoding the Dominating Thoughts~ Mental Body Purge

You will find the dominating thoughts will be a heightened level of anticipatory grief and anxiety, questioning our concept of existence and reality, wondering what will become of our future self, how the world systems will operate again, how we will function and co-exist and what our standard of living will  be.  

We have been living a very particular lifestyle that we've become accustom to and now we are being confronted as to reflect on our output as an identity, the construct of our life emotionally and environmentally, along with the economic structures of our lifestyle. So what ever is breaking down in the external world, it will be filtering down into your personal and internal world to also magnify in yourself the similar issue that needs to be broken down, reshaped and reformed. This is part of the evolutionary process of consciousness as the MBM is purging old outdated programming. This is what the Mental Body is now attempting to decode and decipher, so as to re-template and re-establish its new identity. 

The Rise of a New Identity

The biggest issue is the rigidity and programming of the Mental Body resisting the process.     When "core belief anchors" are restructuring, it can be related to the experience of taking a toy away from a small child. They scream and react like they are experiencing a genuine pain because they were attaching and identifying with that object. The Mental Body Madness is the "pain experience" of our Mental Body being pressurised to transform itself to enable a fluidity into a new consciousness level that you are personally being challenged to progress into. ​

This is also a time where deep core wounds or core issues that have been unresolved or suppressed, are bubbling up due to being heavily triggered, so as to reveal themselves in order to be dealt with, to assist in the expansion and reshaping of a newer version of self.

Aliki Nektaria


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