• Aliki Nektaria

Part 1 ~ Mental Body Madness ~ THE RISE OF ANGER & WHY

Updated: Feb 17

So the external world has undergone a great change. This has impacted every single person’s internal world on this planet. You are perhaps tired of hearing about it, tired of hearing the phrases “stay safe”, “lock-down”, “social distancing”, “Covid”, “we are all in this together”, “the great awakening has begun”, and so on and on and on….

It is almost as if there has been a launch of a new global brand yet we never subscribed to it?

Many things are being revealed about the world that is almost surreal to grasp. It seems almost every day, every week there is a “cause” to back, and at times some of these causes may even contradict each other.

We are being faced with mass issues that are surfacing worldwide that most will not want to open their eyes to.

We are being shown content through mainstream media, to then have our views be challenged by alternative platforms of social media and other forms of reporting that conflicts each other. 

We are more bombarded than ever before around having to be aware of an invisible threat that we are forced to accept no matter what we question or what our views, beliefs or opinions may be around it and as much as we are aware of it, it also feels to be completely separate to the reality you perceive yourself to be in.

We have had our own personal value system become challenged by some of our civil liberties being suspended, stopped from seeing people we would normally see in social settings, reprimanded for things we would normally have done without thinking twice about, have had our wings clipped from interstate and international travel and faced with a whole new strategy around what we perceive as a health risk.

It’s almost exhausting to read about it isn’t it? There is so much more I could add to the above. You are just waiting for the whole thing to settle so it can be over... right?

It is not about things going back to a normal. It is and always will be about evolution, whether we like it or not, whether you believe it or not, whether you dislike the word evolution or not, nothing... I repeat... nothing ever remains the same. 

100 years ago, if we were told there would be mobile phones that are like computers and internet that connects us to each other all over the world, most would have claimed it as being against religious and spiritual beliefs, completely opposed to it and the notion of what it would mean. It would have been considered “Witch Burning Information” of its time. Yet, no matter where or what your beliefs or opinion are, the majority of the world has slowly been adapted, guided and manoeuvred into being dependent and reliant on technology, along with the duality of its love/hate existence within our lives.  

But enough with all of that right?

You will notice that your attention span for certain things is also becoming “altered” which again is a result of the Mental Body. You may want to keep reading this but perhaps are being pulled elsewhere also, and it is the constant diversion that is also creating the Mental Body Madness.  

The Mental Body is in OVERDRIVE

The way to describe the mental body is like a grabby child. It’s driven by control, need and a sense of order. You need answers, you need to get to this place on time, you need to buy this or that in order to make this happen. The control comes in then when things get in the way of the needs and order so when it is in this cyclic state of “need and control” it goes into overdrive.

When the mental body is in overdrive, the energetic output is like a very large speaker that has been turned up to full volume. It is blaring loud, so loud that you can almost feel it vibrating through you like little prickles. It becomes very irritating to be around and communicate with over long periods of time. 

At the moment because of the sustained flow of events and the magnification of world experiences along with our own personal world experiences and then our own internal world experiences, these 3 layers have now been magnified and therefore so has our mental body in order to find order in the disorder.

And so now it is in the space of what I call “Instant detonation”, where if you have your own mental body that is in this overdrive space, then you interact with another person’s mental body in this overdrive space, you are both feeling this booming loud speaker of energy, and due to the sensitivity of the Mental Body at this stage, it can be likened to having really bad sunburn, and someone very lightly touching the surface of the skin, it just hurts and you react from the physical pain straight away.

The skin has become so overly cooked and overly sensitive to the slightest sensation. Relate this back to the energy of the Mental Body and yourself and how your capacity for certain dialogues, content or conversations is not as connecting as what it perhaps has been. The capacity for the level of engagement has changed because a level of dissonance has set in.

The Rise of ANGER

Beliefs systems have been challenged all over the place. We like to control through beliefs also. Beliefs, ideals, opinions are all part of the Mental Body. There is a level of cognitive dissonance that is taking place within one’s self of the “global world belief order” and within our own “personal world order”, the one we have going on around us in day to day living.

The hard part is not having any understanding to anchor yourself to this change and what it means as a whole and for you personally. At the moment, the dominating aspect of you and others is the Mental Body. As mentioned in yesterday’s intro email, it is within the Mental Body that we hold our conscious everyday thoughts, many of our beliefs, ideals and opinions. This is referred to being lower mind or lower Mental Body activity as its association is with "Identity and the linear mind functioning".  

We believe that this is what makes us who we are, our opinions and beliefs. Most of your construct of “you” and how you live your life is based on your beliefs about who you are, about what your life is about, the world, relationships and your attempt to influence those things with your opinions and ideals. Whenever these things become challenged or you are forced to unpack or break them down, or have to reform or adjust or adapt any of these things, it is taken as a complete threat to your homeostasis as an individual and your stability becomes threatened.  It is the rigidity level within the Mental Body that often gets in the way of adaptation.

So if I was to say to you that your concept of yourself, your rights, your views, your religious and spiritual beliefs, your values, all exist within a construct of your perception of reality, where does that leave you? Part of our coping mechanism is to push back or avoid, which are part of control mechanisms. Anger is a form of power. When we feel powerless we often react with a level of anger. So now we have a Mental Body on Overdrive coupled with the anger and you have Mental Body Madness where it is like a hamster in a wheel running non-stop at a fast pace.​

Okay I am going to leave it here for now. Please stay with me as I cover more on this topic in tomorrow’s email Meditation, Meditation, Meditation or Medication.

Aliki Nektaria