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Dynamic Mentoring Sessions

What are you putting out in your vibration that is in your blind spot that could be impacting areas of your life in ways that you may not be aware of?


What is your personal vibrational field communicating about you?

This is a heart-centred approach to creating, cultivating or building leadership qualities of expansion within 'self' and/or in business. This allows for a more intricate approach to revealing the dynamics that are unconsciously dominating your life and how they may be impacting you and others around you.

Dynamic Mentoring Starter Package

Dynamic Mentoring Starter Package

What are the underlying dynamics that are shaping relationships in all areas of your life.

Initial Session 2 Hrs Plus 1 Hr Follow Up Session.

Couples Re-Alignment

Couples Re-Alignment

Discern the core dynamics that are impacting your relationship.

Initial Session 2 Hrs

The unspoken communication ~ 90% of communication is non-verbal.

We have a personal vibrational field that interacts and communicates with others. We are influenced by our internal and external environments in life. Within those environments are a network of intricate relating experiences. These relating experiences are loaded with verbal and non-verbal communication. Uncovering how this energy field has an impact, whether in a personal or professional environment, can reveal blind spots in how you relate, communicate or connect. Through exploring your language and tone of communication, body language and behaviour, you are able to recognise how what you are transmitting outwards may be impacting your success, growth or harmony in areas of life.

The benefits of understanding your personal energy field.

The key benefits of Dynamic Mentoring is bringing in another element of listening and revealing that not all traditional coaching techniques offer. Being stretched and challenged to grow can be a confronting experience at times and developing self awareness to one's own personal intricacies is vital in the ability to identify, reach and build an understanding of what they may be unconsciously communicating from their own unique vibration. 


  • ​Guiding your progress and direction with how you are managing your personal self-awareness in groups or one-on-one dynamics.

  • Identifying the core dynamics that are being communicated and discovering new listening and communication for harmonious expression.

  • Shaping and identifying personality traits that may be inhibiting the experience of relating, sharing, connecting and empathy.

  • Recognising transactional exchanges that are healthy or non-healthy and how to navigate through challenging dynamic exchanges.

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