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Energy Medicine

I specialize in working closely with the Meridian System and the 12 Chakra Health within the Etheric Body to bring about relief from health conditions and pain reduction for overall wellness.

The Etheric Body

Disease begins in the etheric body.

The Human Energy Field consists of energy layers that interconnect and communicate with each other to form a harmonious well-being. One of these layers is the Etheric Layer, which is a blueprint of you and your physical body. Within the etheric layer is a meridian system that differs from those referred to in Chinese therapies; however, the techniques used compliment the concept of these therapies as well. 


Through these meridians pass an invisible nutritive energy known as “Chi”. Chi supplies the whole body as well as the subtle energy bodies with life force energy to exist in this time space reality. These meridians can become clogged, creating a lack of unified energy flow, restricting the flow to vital organs therefore resulting in all sorts of mental, emotional and physical symptoms and can even prevent one’s own ability to create or manifest their reality.

Biofield Templating

Strengthening the Energetic Constitution.

The core focus of the work is with the Etheric layer.

By opening up and unblocking the meridians through the means of touching lightly on specific points along the body, it corrects the circulatory flow of energy,

thus improving the communication between the energy layers, resulting in increased well-being and lifestyle changes.

Contained within the etheric body are holographic sheath layers that store "programming" which are linked to a person’s beliefs or habitual behaviour patterns, resulting in either a positive or negative impact on a person. If this programming is the main one that is running a person’s choices, then it can impact the quality of life they are living. Removal of negative programs can help align a person with what is necessary to move forward in life. 

Apart from the above, it also focuses on balancing the masculine and feminine energies so as to form a stronger constitution of internal harmony.

During a session, the flow of these two energies are aligned. The amount of sessions required until this becomes a new template of balance within

all the energy bodies will vary depending on each person.

Energy Medicine with me.

Visionary Medium.

Energy Therapy could be used in conjunction with other methods you may already be engaged with to better enhance your over all treatment.


When you are experiencing fatigue, other contributing factors could be preventing the appropriate rest required. Damage to the Etheric layer can create chronic exhaustion, along with mental and emotional health issues.


​Often when we experience over tiredness, such as burnout, we function from a fight or flight response. The Energy Medicine Therapy techniques I use are unique and have assisted many, many, people, sharing and witnessing in their profound experiences with wonderous results. It can even be as simple as being elevated out of the mind into their heart and feeling more in tune with their physical body. 

Some have noticed body conditions minimising, a change in habits,  along with emotional and mental issues clearing, where as others notice a stronger connection with their higher self and enhanced extra sensory abilities.   Noticeable adjustments in their condition has happened straight away, or gradual change over time with additional sessions. 

Benefits with:

Remote or Hands On Sessions Available.

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Many show significant improvement in conditions from just one session, bringing something that may have had a pain reading of an 8/10 down to a 3/10. Others notice that once the pain has gone, they completely forget the pain they came in to treat. 


It's as if it never existed.

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