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Inner Child Recovery

Reconcile With Your Inner Child & Experience The True Union Within. 

Inner Child Recovery 8 Session Package

Each Session is 2 Hours

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Inner Child Recovery 8 Session Package

The Inner Child Recovery Program reforms the fragments within the psyche on a multidimensional level to allow for stabilisation and enhancement in one's personality, increased Emotional Quotient (EQ) and higher order thinking. From this, one can experience a deepening with their own connection of wisdom and spiritual maturity, strengthening the communication between the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies to adjust the energy flow with each other.

This then brings new levels of insights in to becoming a more unified, self-actualised individual, which is the foundation of self acceptance and recognition of being the love you need for yourself first, to then allow for harmonious relationships between others. 

The most significant relationship we often neglect and forget is the one with our “self.”

The inner child makes up a part of the psyche that influences relationships, manifestation, abundance, health, behaviour, money and many other areas of life, even our professional and inner development. "Psyche Scarring" can influence or change our perceptions of how things occur to us and even alter our perceptions of how we are treated by others.

The inner child can surface in unpredictable times and ways so as to reveal the areas of life that one may be experiencing feeling disrespected, wounded, angry, hurt, dismissed, neglected, abandoned, rejected, abused and traumatised in. It can also surface when there is an experience of not receiving the adequate parenting that was “needed”, thus creating certain types of acting-out behavioural patterns in one’s life appearing as self-sabotage. Learning to understand the needs of your inner child enables these feelings to surface within one's consciousness so as to reveal the core issues to be dealt with.

Learn to connect and listen to the words of your inner child from within to experience the freedom you seek in your outside world.


An important part of childhood is the level of attachment experienced between parent and child. This is where we create our initial experience for the concepts of acceptance, love, affection, connection and positive regard of certain behaviours.

It is during these formative years, in which the fostering of the sensory and neurological system to experience safety and security during the attachment years, begins to design our emotionality and our personality in how we relate to others in the way of interpersonal dynamics.


As adults, we neglect the ability to connect with the needs of our inner child and be our own "parent".

The psycho-spiritual connection is formed through the recognition of the Inner Child, thus learning self-acceptance, self-love and self-understanding, which is essentially what the inner child is yearning  for.

Break the pattern of dysfunction.


Dysfunctional ancestral family patterning or templating is passed on from each generation at a cellular, energetic and subconscious level.

​At times a person can be experiencing large amounts of family troubles due to their inner child being the one that has taken on challenging and changing the impediments or beliefs within the family. Partaking in Inner Child work and reconciling these dysfunctional energies is part of creating change on a broader scale for the entire family network, as part of the evolution in consciousness.

The benefits of the psycho-spiritual connection & the
Inner Child Recovery Program:

Repairing attachment wounding & abandonment.

Enhancing the connection with your own higher self & removing self doubt.

Identifying core issues that have subconsciously impacted self potential.

Balancing the masculine & feminine energies within.

Improving one's ability for manifestation & abundance.

Releasing trauma patterns & trauma bonds that keep repeating in other areas of life.

 A stronger sense of "self" with the ability to generate & motivate from within.

Alter your personal vibrational field to communicate more radiance.

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