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The Pathway

A Collaborative, Heart-Centred Approach to Quantum Consciousness


I use a Quantum Consciousness Framework in my counselling that allows me to connect with all the energy bodies that make up what we call the psyche. This information stored within the psyche and within your field enables me to vibrationally read your immediate emotional self and what ego states are driving certain areas of your life.


I use a heart-centred approach coupled with a direct approach when it comes to addressing things that need to be said rather than what is wanted to be heard. This enables me to connect to the heart of the matter to create transformational shifts in short periods of time. The way I work is that there are Therapy applied Services which are Hypnotherapy and Energy Medicine Therapy and then there are Interpersonal Connection Services which are Dynamic Mentoring or Counselling, Coaching and Guidance sessions.

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The Method

​ A combination of traditional and non-traditional methods. Available Online.


The way I work is that there are Therapy applied Services which are Hypnotherapy and Energy Medicine Therapy and then there are Interpersonal Connection Services which are Dynamic Mentoring or Counselling, Coaching and Guidance sessions which open up all areas and channels to what shape the individual as a whole, enhancing and developing a relationship with their higher self and inner child.

Inner Child work is one of the areas I specialise in, having created the Inner Child Recovery Program. Aside from that, my work as an Intuitive Counsellor and Coach, provides ongoing sessions and support to enhance performance, focus and drive in working towards a personal goal, life achievement or to transition through a major crisis through to the other side. Others also find these sessions to be helpful when needing to make a major decision or having a safe place to vent and also looking to connect with a deeper and spiritual part of themselves needing guidance and answers. These sessions often provide a clearing in the psyche and many express a shift taking place. At times information comes through if needed to aid the person's life journey.

Hypnotherapy sessions have had individuals amazed at being able to access their own internal wisdom, for inner resolve and creating profound changes within themselves. Many who have seen me have experienced profound shifts and results from after 4 sessions. Timeline, regression therapy and ego state therapy are very powerful therapeutic applications that interrupt unhelpful patterns, programming and beliefs. Many report a change after 1 session. 

As a Medical Energy worker, my understanding of the Etheric Body and the effect on health, have created a unique process of counselling and application of a unique modality of Advanced Energy Therapy that is a combination of a meridian healing contained within the Etheric Body, along with 'dream state' training on receiving visions on the type of healer I would be and the work I would be doing. The Energy Therapy is much more than reiki and is designed to create wellness and harmonise the centre-field of the individual. It can be an additional treatment for physical and mental health to bring about shifts in awareness, shifts in the biofield and releasing stored unwanted energy. Again depending on the situation, a person can experience a change after 1 session. Real benefits are seen from 4 to 6 sessions. This includes working remotely online. 

During any counselling, coaching and higher guidance session, when needed, I use a tough love approach when needing to deliver a message on what needs to be heard, so as to reveal where there may be blind spots and lack of personal responsibility or ownership of the problem, so as to create acceptance and personal empowerment.


I apply the same level of accountability with more precision in dynamic mentoring, where we uncover what behaviours, personality impediments, or states of being may be affecting relationships in all areas around the individual themselves, including personal friendships, intimate relationships, children with parents, business or teams. This includes working with couples to create relationship re-alignment by uncovering the hidden dynamics at play.


I have worked closely with individuals, transitioning them through crisis recovery, abuse or trauma and have compassionately supported those who are terminally ill with relaxation and acceptance for preparation in crossing over, as well as grief and bereavement.

All that matters is where you want to see yourself, the person that you want to become and where you feel you need to improve.

Session Structures


It takes time to put these sessions together and provide the behind the scenes care as well as the in-session care. My devotion is to the work that I do and to keep my support open and available to assist those who want the results. My energy, time and money goes into finding ways to improve my mission and service to others, as this is what I am here to do. 

New clients, that are looking for Therapy, whether Hypnotherapy or Energy Medicine, are required to have a minimum of 2 x 2 Hour sessions. This is due to compiling a case and profiling the energies that are unique to you as a person. All Therapy sessions require counselling and coaching as a very important part of creating a strong foundation for the Therapy to flourish in.  These 2 hours will go fast. Over the years of working professionally, I have noticed that people have required more time. It can take time for a person to express themselves without feeling rushed. There can be important details that can come into sessions regarding things that may never ever been considered as contributing factors to the presenting condition, or coaching and guidance around certain areas that need the time for me to educate in areas.


Due to my abilities I find I am able to connect with an individual and act as a catalyst in the healing process.

Fee Structure


Most people don't know the value of something until they have experienced it. One of the obstacles with Therapy and counselling is that it is an intangible service, therefore you can't see the impact of it to hold in your hand. The results develop and blossom outwards overtime, like the petals of a flower gently opening. The packages are set to ensure your commitment to follow through on the process. We can all let life get in the way, so by creating a set fee structure, it ensures that you will show up for it because you have made the upfront commitment to do so.

The counselling, guidance and coaching sessions are available without a consult call for those who aren't looking for applied therapy, but talk therapy as well as guidance, and can still be quite impactful. 

I do my best to keep my fees lower than others in my field of expertise and keep within the standard rates.

Therapy Combinations


To ensure that the appropriate treatment is applied, at times, a combination of alternate Therapy treatment options are beneficial. This means that in regards to a 4 session package, instead of all sessions being Hypnotherapy, 1 session could be Energy Medicine, or, they all could be. This will only be suggested as per required and tailored to the preference of the individual. It depends on the person as to what treatment is required at what point of recovery. What comes though in the counselling and coaching and how the client progresses after each session determines the flow of the therapy. 


  • Soul Connections 

  • Near death experiences

  • Ascension Symptoms

  • Spirituality

  • Life Transitions -Crossroads

  • Heart centre energy readings and clairvoyant guidance

  • Feeling Stuck in life and not sure why

  • Grief

  • Sexuality

  • Balancing Masculine & Feminine


  • Weight-loss and emotional eating- Bulimia and Anorexia

  • Addictions

  • Allergies - Including Skin or Acne

  • Pain Management

  • Healthy sleeping

  • Stop Smoking

  • Women's Health:  PCOS, Hormone Imbalances, Menopause

  • Cancer

  • Multiple Sclerosis

  • Psychosomatic pain or symptoms

  • Other Health Concerns, body ailments or Illness.


  • Abuse ( including Sexual )

  • Depression

  • Phobias -various; including flying

  • Anxiety  & Stress Management

  • Anger Management

  • Grief, loss or Bereavement – Miscarriage, death of loved one, major life changing events.

  • Difficulties with Self Esteem

  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

  • Sexuality Issues

  • Financial Trauma - Bankruptcy

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  • Focus and Motivation

  • Memory & Performance: Academic, Athletic or Business.

  • Lifestyle Changes, Abundance & Manifestation

  • Increase study time

  • Increase personal abundance

Children & Teens

  • Teen and Young Adult: Failure to Launch

  • Working with Children or Teens

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