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A combination of traditional person centred counselling with a transpersonal influence


Often life doesn't always provide the room that one needs to really allow one to feel and express what they needed to feel and share. This type of counselling incorporates the mind, body and spirit approach to support your own level of processing and problem solving.  Talking can create shifts in perspectives and awareness and also diffuses pent up stored energies.

These sessions also incorporate psychotherapy techniques through years of working as a Hypnotherapist and also the understanding that there is more to a person than just their human linear mind components.

Consciousness is not limited to existing in the head.

Our whole body, our whole field is consciousness.

Examining how the physical and energy worlds impact each other offers an integrative approach that incorporates all of who you are.
Feeling heard and understood is a cathartic experience. The right type of listening allows for a person to open themselves and share from their authentic self without feeling the need to minimise or judge.  


With 10 years of researching, learning, growing, observing and profiling the evolution of consciousness within humanity,  it has provided me with a knowledge source that perhaps many do not have.  Counselling is a part of every therapy based service. 



Due to the changes that have taken place globally, many are experiencing deep layers of shock and grief. This is a counselling session that allows for authentic sharing and listening and understanding the layers that are involved whilst incorporating the metaphysical framework of understanding and empathy.