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Holistic & Metaphysical 

A combination of traditional person centred counselling with a transpersonal influence.

Benefits of these sessions.

Self-Awareness, Self- Expression, Self-Potential.

Often life doesn't always provide the room that one needs to really allow one to feel and express what they needed to feel and share. This type of counselling incorporates the mind, body and spirit approach to support your own level of processing and problem solving. Talking can create shifts in perspectives and awareness and also diffuses pent up stored energies.


These sessions also incorporate Transpersonal Psychotherapy techniques through years of working as a Hypnotherapist and also the understanding that there is more to a person than just their human linear mind components.

From Linear mind to Higher Self.

Mind, Body, Spirit.

A connection with your heart centre and higher self is made with my heart centre and higher self, which then allows energetic information to be channelled and shared. Information that you may not feel is even in the consciousness to be expressed or shared may come through to act as a clearing. Through being able to speak from all the energetic layers of the biofield that incorporate the human level of existence, whether conscious of them or believing of their existence, it can open up a whole different space of awareness. These bodies are the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical energy bodies. Through my energy abilities I am able to enhance and strengthen your connection with your own heart centre. This then enhances and strengthens your own connection to higher self, elevating you out of linear mind everyday thinking to altered states of consciousness to allow for discovery of new wisdoms, perspectives and pathways to be revealed.

An organization of the disorganized energies within the human energy field results in a more harmonious flow of communication between the energy bodies so as to assist in the manifestation or the catalyst of change required for an individual’s path and soul journey. The information that will come though will be that which is most relevant and needed for you to hear at that point in time, not what you want or expect to hear. 


Bridging Higher Mind.

The more self aware we become, the better we can cope with and understand our own emotional triggers and how we gain social acceptance as well as self acceptance. 

From these sessions, you may experience feeling:

  • Peace, clarity and a connection back into the heart centre. A sense of understanding above linear mind.​

  • An energetic download of information pertaining to what your energy field needs for where you are on your soul journey.​

  • A catalyst shift to create a dynamic change and acceleration of movement along your path.  ​

  • An organisation of energetic information within your energy field and a reconnection with your higher self and source energy.


Consciousness is not limited to existing in the head.

Our whole body, our whole field is consciousness.

Examining how the physical and energy worlds impact each other offers an integrative approach that incorporates all of who you are.

Feeling heard and understood is a cathartic experience. The right type of listening allows for a person to open themselves and share from their authentic self without feeling the need to minimise or judge.  

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