Clinical Hypnotherapy

The capacity that Hypnotherapy has to transform an individual is limitless. It is a unique internal therapy, where the subconscious mind becomes isolated and highly receptive, aware to new information it wishes to access and absorb.


Often the process can only be understood once experienced. The result is a shift in one’s own inner perceptions, thoughts and behaviours, which then impacts one’s own sphere of energy and reality. 

​An experience, thought, communication or behaviour often has a mental, emotional and physical energetic anchor associated with its coding. This information can either be pain or pleasure related. By dissembling the energetic charge and interrupting the neuro flow pattern, it alters the processing around the experience, severing the energetic anchoring from the emotional body and allowing for new awareness to come through in the mental body. 

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If A deep  relaxation isn't Felt, does it mean it didn't work?


 Everyone is different and will experience hypnosis differently. Sessions will also differ depending on treatment so you will not have the same experience every time.


Is it only the weak minded that go into Hypnosis?


To be effective, a high ability to focus and concentrate is necessary to be able to follow suggestions. Nothing can be expressed or released without your own personal selective mechanisms in this state or your permission.


Will I lose control and not know what is going on?


No. You will only go into hypnosis under your own control of being guided into deeper states of relaxation and you are aware of what is occurring during the session.

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The "States" of Brain Waves

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Theta is the phase that is entered into before dreaming and is where “detached awareness” occurs. This is where inner therapy begins, in between the Alpha and Theta states, as Theta waves are associated with inspiration, illumination and immense creative power and have been known to illicit profoundly spiritual yet very aware states of being therefore, allowing one to be brought back to full beta state (everyday waking state) consciousness easily.

Beta is the state of consciousness that is currently accessed now as one reads through the information provided. It’s associated with alertness, concentration, problem solving and task orientation. Alpha can be easily entered into by closing your eyes and breathing, automatically shutting down the visual senses and information received through the eyes. It slows the brain waves down to where daydreaming; creative thought and relaxation can be experienced, bridging the transition into Theta state.

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Hypnosis can only be facilitated with a person who has a desire to focus their attention; therefore it is really yourself that is allowing this state, where you will be open to therapeutic suggestion, to occur.

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The Reticular Activating System (RAS)

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The RAS is a cluster of nerves that reside at the base of the brain and regulates breathing and rhythms of the body, whilst also filtering messages that run to and from the conscious brain. As mentioned earlier, when the eyes are closed this creates a reduction in stimuli to the RAS, therefore, lowering brain wave activity. The RAS is also involved with habit formation, which can be trained through inner therapy tools to play a role in attracting towards ourselves new behaviours, habits, goals, or achievements. Much like when we decide on a vehicle of a particular colour and model to purchase, we will begin to see that exact vehicle everywhere.


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Phobias & Fears

Inner Child Recovery

Stress & Anxiety


Relationship concerns or patterns

Healing a broken heart

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Performance & Goal Enhancement

Bankruptcy & Financial trauma

Being at a crossroads