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Discover the emotional landscape of your internal self.

Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy  (Accredited Training)

Certificate IV In Clinical Hypnotherapy
(Accredited Training)

 Diploma in Counselling

(Accredited Training)

Certificate in Life Coaching


(Accredited Training)

 Meridian Energy Practitioner for BioEnergetic Flow

 12 Chakra System & Etheric Health



There is something that you are seeking that has lead you here today. Perhaps it's information, perhaps it's guidance, perhaps you already know your 'why' or perhaps it's something too deep to recognise or name that you need another to identify with you. Some call it healing, some call it therapy, some call it self-help. 

 I call it clearing one's path. 

We all have obstacles in our path from time to time, whether self perpetuated or placed by life circumstances. These obstacles could be physical, mental, emotional or even spiritual, and often, all happening at the same time. When we see no way through or ahead or even "feel off" or on a path of some sort that we can no longer continue along with how things are, that is often the hardest point of recognition. It's not the pushing for change along the same path that is required, but the creation of a whole new model of self first, to then have another path be revealed and clear once again.

Alternative Therapist for Mental Health and Wellness - Hypnotherapy Counselling and Energy Healing

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The Inner Child Recovery Program, is a journey deep within, that focuses on the recovery of the fragmented self on a multidimensional level. This results in a more stabilised personality and a harmonious flow between the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, bridging the union of self,  adult and child within.

Alternative therapist hypnotherapy counselling healing 


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Reconcile with your Inner Child


The modalities I use are Counselling (Traditional and/or Spiritual Psychology), Coaching, Hypnotherapy and Energy Medicine. They are designed to repair and re-pattern the fractures to the psyche, thus creating a clearing and re-modelling of energy to assist the evolution of you along your path.

There are many areas that I have accumulated experience. I do not just treat the symptom, I look at the person as a whole.

A symptom is often a by-product of a deeper faceted issue. Below are focal areas that I can offer my services to assist with. 

Services such as Dynamic Mentoring, Hypnotherapy or Energy Therapy require a 15 minute phone consultation.


For online Counselling Services, please make your booking below from the times available. 


Relationships are the foundation of our life experience and determine the quality of our lives.

Have you experienced a relationship ending and are not sure how you are unable to move on?

Or are you in a relationship that perhaps isn't feeling in alignment anymore and you aren't sure why?

Do you want a relationship but aren't sure what is getting in the way of it happening for you?

Are there issues in your personal dynamics regarding career, family, friends that are impacting you?


Many work with the symptom not the Individual themselves. Each person has a unique Biofield like their own thumb print.
I have worked with Individuals from other parts of the world, as well as within Australia.

I have worked with Holistic Corporate individuals who have transitioned into creating service businesses of their own.

I have worked with other healers, psychics, mediums who needed someone who understands the nature of their Biofield to get them back on track.

I have worked with those whom are going through major illness, crisis, trauma, breakdowns and loss.

I have worked with leaders and Business owners, mothers, fathers, children, doctors, other teachers, psychologists, therapists, professional actors and more in moving them through challenging times


Sometimes you don't know what is wrong but something just feels off. It could be emotional or spiritual, or it could be everything all at once. Are there areas of your life that you want to change but don't know where to start? 

Anxiety, Anger, Stress, Shame, Guilt,  can take a hold of our state of awareness and our emotional health. Often we can be completely unaware of the impact in our everyday life. What other negative emotions could be affecting how you feel about yourself and your life right now?

Counselling & Guidance
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No-one transforms on their own. Transformation requires a combination of internal and external influence. It is as simple as that. We require others in order to change to provide a witness, accountability, encouragement, challenges, confrontation and support.

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Explore from a variety of areas from the 'Deep Dive With Aliki' collection, all of which come from experience working as a therapist and her divine channel, all personally written over 10 years.


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What Clients Say

Over the course of her 10 years of devotion to service of  others, Aliki has assisted many individuals to clear their path.

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Mary, Business Owner

Aliki is a very skilled practitioner who is passionate about helping people and will seek out the  most suitable way to get  the best outcome for you. She is able to cut through all the smoke and mirrors to what you think is happening and get to the real issue of what is going on then work with you to fix it.
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