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Diploma in Hypnotherapy, Diploma in Counselling, Certificate in Life Coaching, Reiki Practitioner, Meridian Energetics Practitioner

Who is Aliki?

Alternative Therapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Holistic Counsellor, Higher Guidance Spiritual Coach and a Healer.

I have worked in the field of Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Physical health as a professional Alternative Therapist for over 8 years. 

My training to become a Clinical Hypnotherapist included face to face classes, clinical assessments, logged clinical hours and in person assessments.

Due to completing this course at such a high level of accomplishment and devotion, I was among the few that was rewarded with a scholarship to complete the diploma. I have been a member of the AHA (Australian Hypnotherapists Association) since I began practicing 8 years ago  and to further enrich my craft I have since completed the Diploma in Counselling and a series of professional Life Coaching programs. 

Healing Mission

What's my Mission?


A new world is emerging....


Dismantling dysfunctional energies of the outdated templating to transition in to the new hybrid consciousness. By offloading or re-patterning the dysfunctional energies, a newer you can take form, thus shaping a new level of reality.

To cultivate and illuminate discernment in order to assist in the bridging in consciousness for humanity to transition to a new paradigm. As new learnings and belief systems take form, the transition can be a bumpy ride for some to progress into.

Making a difference one Starfish at a time.


Spiritual Healing Blog

Sneak Peak of my Blog

"Many are questioning their lives in which they have constructed around them, their identity and even their work choices.  It is a very confusing time when a person awakens. So what does it mean to awaken?

Awakening is an expansion of consciousness. It is the moving from seeing the world in its basic three dimensional format to a broader, deeper, understanding of becoming aware to the notion that there is more than just what we are shown or believe to be as reality.  How one awakens is not a formatted process however there is a perturbation that occurs on all levels with an individual."

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Awaken Spiritual Healing
Personal Spiritual Journey

How it Works?

Start your Journey


Read through the services to see which is the best fit for you. Book your free 15 minute phone call consultation to discuss what it is you need and how I can assist you.

Book your healing session. This can be organised via phone or email as the online booking system is for booking consultations only.


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Alternative Therapy, Hypnotherapy

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What People Say

Professional Therapist

Mary, Business Owner

Aliki is a very skilled practitioner who is passionate about helping people and will seek out the  most suitable way to get  the best outcome for you. She is able to cut through all the smoke and mirrors to what you think is happening and get to the real issue of what is going on then work with you to fix it.

She had the ability to tap into me energetically and knew exactly what the personal battle I was fighting. I hated that she could call me on my  BS, but if she didn't, if she hadn't, I can't imagine the world of pain I would be in right now. With her gentle guidance, (even when she is being fierce she is still a beautiful caring soul) I safely navigated my way out of the drama.

Debbie, Professional

Alex, Professional

I really do believe Aliki has helped me heal a lot of my inner trauma that I had accumulated over the years and resolved a lot of inner conflict within myself. I have recommended Aliki to my  friends and family and truly believe she has a special healing and energetic gift. 

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Expansion of Consciousness

Meet the Team


Aliki Nektaria

The Path Clearer

Alternative Therapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Holistic Counsellor, Higher Guidance Spiritual Coach and a Healer.

Hazal Doruk

Marketing &

Creative Director

Aliki's left hand lady.

Intuitive Manifestor.

Attuned to The Mission.

Co-creator of Website.

Intuitive Manifestor. 

Attuned to The Mission.

Co-creator of Website.

Garth Ernstzen

Artistic Director

Intuitive creative.

Garth Ernstzen

Artistic Director

Intuitive Creative.

Intuitive Manifestor. 

Attuned to The Mission.

Co-creator of Website.

Official Photographer & videographer.

It takes a team to build a leader, and a leader to build a team.

Aliki Nektaria

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