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Higher Guidance Coaching & Counselling

  • 1 hour
  • 155 Australian dollars

Service Description

WELCOME SEARCHING FOR MORE THAN A READING? Then this is for you... A connection is made with your heart centre and higher self, which then allows energetic information to be channelled. This session allows for full expression of your “self” from all levels that incorporate the human biofield of existence, which are the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical energy bodies. This enhances and strengthens your own connection to higher self, elevating you out of linear mind everyday thinking to altered states of consciousness to allow for discovery of new wisdoms, perspectives and pathways to be revealed. An organisation of the disorganised energies within the human energy field results in a more harmonious flow of communication between the energy bodies so as to assist in the manifestation or the catalyst of change required for an individual’s path and soul journey. The information that will come though will be that which is most relevant and needed for you to hear at that point in time, not what you want or expect to hear. WHAT CAN YOU EXPECT FROM A SESSION? * A feeling of peace and clarity. * A reconnection with your higher self and source energy. * A connection back into heart centre. * An organisation of energetic information within your energy field. * An energetic download of information pertaining to what your energy field needs for where you on your soul journey. * A catalyst shift to create a dynamic change and acceleration of movement along your path. UPON BOOKING When you book this session you automatically receive an email that sets you up powerfully for the session. There is a short client details form to fill in to set the intention of the session. This session is carried out as a Video call. BOOKING THIS SESSION FOR A YOUNGER PERSON WHO IS UNDER 21 YEARS OF AGE Please read more on the services page for more detail. Alternatively you are welcome to book a free 15 minute phone consultation through the bookings providing additional information. CANCELLATION 48 hours notice required to reschedule or cancel. A $20 cancellation fee applies. Refund is minus $20 Cancellation fee. No refunds on missed or completed bookings.

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