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The Rise Of Humanity: From Retribution to Resurrection

Person 1: WHAT DO YOU DO? Me: Long pause.... This is a question I have struggled to answer in its entirety. How do I begin to describe the intricacies involved with what I do?

We live in a world that requires us to function within a baseline of commonality of existence, and anything that isn't quite within that scope of range can appear as being odd.

We all like to have a role, a title in life that somehow explains who we are to people around us. It somehow creates relatability and reliability. For me though, it was a challenge, as it seemed to create different responses in different people. There were those who embraced what I do and others that were intimidated. Some were sceptical and yet curiously interested, others judged or were jealous, and some did not want to know me at all.

So in order to have others feel more comfortable around me, I began to edit myself. Sadly, it doesn't always work. I ended up becoming very hurt most of the time, even though my higher self and elevated understanding of the reasons perhaps why it was happening was shown to me. It became a very hard lesson to learn that even though I would know how things would go, that I could not intervene with the life path of how it would go for another.

I began to realise that my attunement for drawing out the unresolved energies from within a person that was looking for healing or resolve created a level of perturbation in some. And in their current level of understanding, would relate their feelings of uneasiness or un- comfortability as being around me based on the reasons their psyche had created.

Hiding had become a coping mechanism for me, to create the boundary between my personal time and the time I give to others and my mission. It also gave me time to adjust to myself and what I was evolving into.

Those who have forged a way into the inner circle of my life have witnessed the personal challenges and the trenchwork of the heart that has shaped the architecture within me so as to be bestowed with the role of "keeper of the flame" (if you will). This is not an energy that is to be kept, but a generated energy that is to be shared with others when they are ready to receive the ignition to their heart.

I wasn't always this person, and I know that there is a memory or a version of me that exists in the minds of many who have crossed paths with me. Another “Aliki” that has been experienced of me in that moment of time. I have lived a life that was based on the plot scripts and lessons of who others needed me to be. It was never anyone's fault, it's just evolution, because I never really embraced all of me.

Throughout our life, it can be said that we are many different people, until we settle into the person that we are to become, following to which is then the art of setting up the space, and the chiseling away of all that doesn't belong to us to reveal the masterpiece of who we want to become for others, to ourselves and to the world.

Well, in many ways we all go through phases or stages... but one thing that I disagree with is that we are forever fixed in our one experience of self.

" We are a constant moving force of vibrating particles ever reshaping and aligning."

I've become familiar with the notion that I am a constant that changes. A stream of consciousness that can and is able to shift within moments. This understanding has liberated me with a freedom that I have come to accept, handle and love.

I am not here to present a perfect version of purity. That is simply unrealistic. What I am here to present is that I too have a shadow and light that has become a unified whole. It is in the acceptance of the shadow and light that has brought the prisms of colour into the essence of what fills the heart of me.

I have evolved into the vibration as a balanced healer who has accepted their shadow as well as their light. In doing so, I have the ability to liberate others in this way.

"An unintegrated shadow within a person will determine how they respond to the shadow behaviour of another. "

An integrated shadow can accept and transmute a different level of openness and understanding for the shadow within another. This isn't about condoning or condemning, it's about recognising the shadow behaviour to then intuitively gauge the information at hand as to how much of an impact it is making in one's life. Whether it is severely destructive, dangerous and non retrievable to integrate or whether it can be completely retrieved, accepted and integrated.

Once a person has integrated their shadow, they are able to experience different levels of relationships and connections with others because they are able to use their power to create a space of learning and understanding that allows for the shadow to dissolve and integrate.

"Upon meeting or engaging with a person, at first we take them in two-dimensionally. We also present ourselves two-dimensionally."

We present a sample version of self from our personality (which is made up of many different aspects, consisting of values, beliefs, expectations or agendas) communicating predominantly from our mental body, so as to enable another to attach a tangible link of a reference point as a source of understanding for their linear mind. Our mirror neurons play a role in the transactional analysis which is the exchange between two people that determines how we code an interaction with a person and determines our level of empathy.

Fortunately we are moving beyond linear mind to multidimensionality. It's not a concept that we are focused on discerning within ourselves as much at this point in humanity, however, this is something that we will eventually understand as we evolve into higher vibrational beings. Multidimensionality is a state of consciousness that is able to be in many different places at the same time, experiencing many different timelines in one.

So which version of me would you like to know?

Throughout my life, my battle with my emotional body has been the one thing I have had to learn to manage, being that it is extremely and uniquely large in its capacity. The irony is that it has been my worst enemy as well as my greatest beauty depending on which direction the emotional body came from, the shadow or the light. Learning to master its ability and harness the potential of its power effectively has enabled me to mentor other empaths on how to be free with theirs also.

What many do not realise is that everyone has a very different capacity of Empathy, with a variance between person to person. It is a skill of the heart that is yet to reach its fullest potential within humanity and thankfully I am pleased to say that we are on our way in doing so. Empathy is a power that we often lose sight of distinguishing within ourselves, being too eager in our attempt to move a person into "responsibility awareness" before making the room and space of allowing to completely feel what they are sitting in.

I had a great mentor come into my life at the time of my ignition to soul work, a dear beloved friend, teacher and mentor, who saw me for who I was and taught me how to be who I am with my gifts and abilities, not to defy them but embrace them, seeing in me the similar struggles that he had with himself and sharing I also taught him too. The loss of his presence and his passing has left a deep loss, sadness and emptiness. The bond I experienced with him was the most important in my whole life and made him the most influential person to me I've ever known, even from beyond in the afterlife. The loss of his presence was an experience of grief I was not prepared for and yet in so many other ways he did his best to prepare me. Those who know me have witnessed the grief and loss I have experienced as it has become the destruction of a former “Aliki” and the resurrection from humility of another.

I have crumbled and failed in life so many times, it became a part of how people saw me. It became how I saw myself. Feeling that I somehow lived my life backwards from everyone else, existing on a completely different timeline from others. For most of my life, I’ve known what it means to have struggled, to experience loss and heartache, which has cultivated a resilience in me that has become one of the greatest virtues of power I carry.

I have failed in relationships, money and even love. I have even failed spiritually. In failure I have found, no matter what diversity has come along my path, I have always found a way to rise again because it's what we have the potential to do best as people. Rise.

I've become a good listener and witness to pain along with having those uncomfortable conversations of life. I've become comfortable with the uncomfortable, the cruel and hard, the natural and supernatural, and what it means to sit with another in their darkness as well as in their light, because in pain there is both.

This is where transformation exists. The space in between.

No-one learns or transforms from intellect alone. No matter how intelligent you are or how well you grasp concepts from an intelligent nature, it's not an indication of transformation or change. Transformation is experientially gauged. A shift that transpires as a trinity of heart, spirit and mind trickling down into the body engaging all of your senses before manifesting the results of that shift into your personal biofield of life.

"I don't do the work, I become the work. I let myself be the channel. Something comes over me and it just happens.”

In that time a client has with me, a force of powerful co-creation happens. It's like being in a realm of zero time, a sub-reality of an alternative dimension where an opening of self and revealing of energies that need to be addressed occurs. I become the channel for the work that's needed to be done. Even my clients have shared in the wonder that can occur in those moments, experiencing themselves as an altered and elevated state of consciousness, being suspended within an energy bubble where higher states of information are expressed, strengthening their connection and relationship with their own "Higher Self".

I remember when I first started working professionally, from where I was living about 8 years ago and I provided readings at the time. This one particular day, I had received five new phone calls to have a reading with me. I remember feeling so exposed at the time that I decided in that moment that I was going to shut myself down. A little extreme at the time, although it showed me that I was being given an opportunity to do something different and that people wanted to be around the energy that I was offering.

I've had people find me or continue working with me not fully understanding why, but knowing that they were guided to me. They all feel a pull, something inside of them just "knows" that I am THE someone who has the information they may be looking for or the listening for them to share with. Where they may have been completely sceptical or closed off in the past to this type of therapy or assistance to find that all of a sudden they are compelled to see me. I have heard some beautiful stories over the years of how people were led to me or have found me and sometimes it connects to me in such a deeply personal, meaningful and relevant way, reminding me of what this is all really about.

"I still get moved to tears in my work at times when deeply profound experiences take place."

There are things that happen in the realm of having a session with me to remind a person that there is more than just this physical existence. At certain times, messages from their deceased loved ones come through to aid and encourage their healing and their therapy of what they need to expand or progress themselves forward. Some mention sensing an additional presence or feeling energetically "held". Others have reported seeing orbs of lights around me even though their eyes are closed the entire time, or there are those who feel like they are being lifted out of their body. Since recently experiencing an upgrade in my abilities due to having a stronger energy channelling through me, those who have experienced energy sessions with me prior to my upgrade have shared that they have noticed the change and can feel the difference.

I've come across those who have had unusual mystical, esoteric experiences in childhood, that have gone through other particular mainstream therapies, and have shared that they have not really been able to open up completely for fear that they will not be believed or fully heard. They tend to then filter the information to adapt to the listener.

Having had unusual experiences happening to myself as a child, and coming to realise in my teens that I was initially Clairvoyant, this is an area that I know all too well. The experiences that have happened within the energy bodies as children have not been fully assimilated properly into the mental and emotional bodies so I am able to bridge the information and anchor it to a new level of understanding that assists to dissolve the disruption they may be experiencing within themselves as an adult. Often, mental health issues are emotional issues, so by being able to smooth out the lumps and bumps in the consciousness, a person's energy bodies can communicate better with each other and make sense of an experience. Upon doing so it dissolves so much of what they were carrying because it has become normalised and fully integrated as part of their biofield.

I have received beautiful feedback over the years, even from those who have been completely sceptical. It's so important to find the right help and the right person as it can be the determining factor in believing that you and your life can take on a whole new meaning of change. It is also showing the person that something else exists around who they are, that they are not just this everyday existence. That there is more to who they are.

There are those who have come to see me due to having highly intense connections with people they have met, whether single or partnered. These connections have shown up in a person's world and have often been described as so wondrous and magical, yet intensely heart wrenching, depending on the uniqueness of each experience and circumstances surrounding them. Having had the personal understanding around the energy exchange within these dynamics myself, I am able to offer the multidimensional aspects rather than just the physical.

"Our entire physical reality has been shaped by the imagination faculty, something that we all possess, yet offer little merit to its capabilities."

Physical reality cannot exist without consciousness. Neither can our physical body. When we bring observation to an issue we are holding or carrying, it begins to diffuse the energies around it and breaks it down, it alters the significance and the power it has over the individual. I scan the energy field, remotely viewing (being clairvoyant) the depth of a person's experiences and how much of an impact it's having. This is part of being able to discern the direction of how to begin working with an individual in shaping their new concept of self.

This is not about fantasy or spiritual hype. It's so much more evolutionary in its complexity. It's about learning what your own biofield is and how you are shaping and utilising it. This is part of the awakening process that many are referring to. It is a return in one's consciousness to their own personal biofield, thus altering their own frequency and their own personal contribution of that frequency as whole to that of humanity.

This is what the true rise of humanity is and will be.

There has been an ongoing process, concentrated over the last 10 years, which has been the evolution of the chakra system. This new 12 chakra system is a hybrid system that potentially will allow humanity to hold and process a higher consciousness and faster flow of energy circulation. This process allows for the reshaping of new concepts of humanity to begin to form. This is why you will see more and more people coming into service work now more than ever before. It will be needed to assist the smooth transition through all of the different levels of consciousness expansion.

"Any unresolved energies will eventually manifest in the physical body. "

I look at our bodies’ intricate network of miraculous biology that has the ability to work together in awe. I honestly believe that at the beginning of our developmental ages we are not taught enough about the remarkable composition of our human constitution. We limit our exceptional form every single day, having not acquired the modelling of our consciousness around our biology system combined with our energy system from birth and the wonderful potential it has when powered together.

We have made health and fitness something that is to be pursued rather than embedded into our knowing. This is why many are struggling with the awakening process, as it is having to start with the core of self first, through bringing awareness back to the body and any health conditions or issues that are within.

Any dis-ease in the body will not always be an example of how spiritually evolved or un-evolved one is in reaching spiritual maturity, however, it will distract and challenge one's abilities to hold and filter the energies of the new hybrid 12 chakra system. We are now facing a time where Western Medicine and Quantum Physics based philosophies will begin to find a way to work together. When I write this it actually makes me quite emotional because this will be a very exciting time for humanity. We will begin to see more doctors working with alternative therapies and other therapists that will completely reform how we see our own body/biofield existence. It really does blow my mind when I think about the capabilities we can aspire to when humanity uses our creative potential in the most rewarding and forwarding way to the betterment of our wellbeing.

Surgeons that operate on the physical body to improve the body's functioning and longevity is truly something to behold. Performing life changing surgery is really a miracle when you think about it. I truly have a high level of respect and regard to those who are trained in these procedures and those who provide care to others who are ill.

As a medical intuitive, I have had the privilege to have worked with various health conditions using one of my abilities of being able to perform psychic surgery as a way of stimulating the body’s ability to regenerate or neutralise.

I can't create a limb to grow, or perform physical life saving surgery, although my abilities can be useful in areas that can complement other forms of physical therapy. Lives can be saved in other ways. I have seen clients who were informed they had recovered physically from injuries, yet were still experiencing the symptoms, being told that their lingering symptoms were psychosomatic. After one session they noticed a dramatic change, and in others, the symptoms had completely and permanently gone. Sometimes it can take a series of sessions as everyone is unique but, the results have been outstanding.

There are times a person will see me and the issue is already too far gone, therefore the treatment being used is more of a way to assist with their mindfulness and the possibility of slowing the extremeness of the issue down from accelerating further, or extending their time if their issue is terminal. In cases where a person has been terminally ill, I have worked with them in a way that has their spirit prepare their transitioning to let go and cross over.

"I have recommended Aliki to my friends and family and truly believe she has a special healing and energetic gift."

"Her Hypnotherapy and energy healing abilities allow her to quickly and efficiently shift the problematic energies towards healing and integration."

"My eyes were closed as she was working on me and it felt like I drifted off somewhere yet I could see these lights around her whilst my eyes were closed."

"She performed psychic surgery on me and I could actually ‘feel’ her working inside my body."

"I’m not even slightly sceptical anymore that your energy work is helping me with my PCOS."

"I felt some major changes happening and noticed some shifts not just in my energy but also in my physical body. "

"The energy work was amazing. I could feel you working in my body and feel the energy flowing in a balanced way."

“What I really love about the work that I do, is that I have the front seat in observing the inner workings of humanity.”

I have heard the most horrific and miraculous experiences that people have gone through. I have heard the most devastating things that have shaken me to my core as to how people survive, to the most deeply moving beauty of their own self actualisation and mystical experiences. After hearing enough of these experiences, I see the world differently, I see people differently. These experiences have been a revealer to the humane and the inhumane, the spiritual and the physical that has resided within humanity for many historical cycles, handed down over the ages.

My diversity in working with such a broad scope of individuals and issues has had me

assisting people of various ages, backgrounds and professions, from all over Australia and overseas.

I have also assisted people with weaning off certain medications (safely that is, with proper understanding and of course depending on the nature surrounding these circumstances) with their own awareness around why they are choosing to do so at this particular time in their life. Coping medications are often the first point of contact for many who are looking to create some space in their thinking to find a way forward. Medications provide a window of reprieve however, the core issues and dynamics can not be subdued for long before showing up in a different way. Feelings of shame often accompany those who have used medications and also seek the assistance of a mental health professional or therapist. This is so important to acknowledge as it often keeps a person trapped in their own cycle of despair.

When a person is struggling from mental health or physical health experiences, it doesn't just impact them, it impacts everyone around them. It can create a lot of stress, emotional turmoil and upset in a household that relies on certain routines to happen to make the home and work life run.

I've worked with very young children, all the way through to early teens, late teens and to young adults. I have found there is more need now for children receiving therapy, and a fragility must be respected and taken into care when doing so to not create, add or enforce a belief of emotional coding that there is "something wrong with them", and subsequently carrying it into adulthood thus furthering more issues.

Teens that I have worked with experience Anxiety, ADD, Bullying, Social Issues, Study Stresses or learning and behavioural issues and upon speaking with them, I have found them to be vastly intuitive and insightful with a gift to be able to see into things more so than what is being presented.

We are moving into a world where our concept of humanity and what it means to be a humanitarian is being rewritten. We as human beings have embraced a life of having decisions and choices made for us, to a degree. It allows our need for "enjoyment consciousness" to constantly be entertained with little or no time for introspection and reflection. For too long our consciousness has existed like that of little children, still only wanting to function in the lower solar plexus emotionality that has contributed to tapping into the things that exemplify all the negative aspects of our human conditioning.

Our philosophical disposition around the human condition has inspired so much study from a historical, religious, spiritual and scientific point of view, posing the great questions of life, mortality and even relationships.

Unfortunately, the human condition has been categorically scrutinized as being hostile, predatorial, and ego driven thus creating division, class and suffering. Now that a new concept of what humanity is and what drives us is arising in our consciousness, we are being challenged to question our outdated beliefs of what it really means to be a humanitarian.

This isn't only about being a “good citizen”. It's much more evolved than that. It's about now wanting to actively participate in the future of who we are as a race. From this, we all begin to change our own biofield, thus vibrating in a higher state of consciousness as a collective whole, where we will truly discover what our human condition is really about.

In light of this pondering question through the ages of what is the true nature of who we are is, we will begin to learn, teach and move into a humanity that essentially knows that at the core of being human is in fact connection, love, affinity and a high level of understanding in the powers of their own biology and the life force energies that exist within and around us.

I have been the docking point for those who have begun the process of ignition of their own unique offering to others or humanity in some way. I have clients that I work with closely for a short period of time and some that I work closely with for long periods of time. Each person is uniquely worked with in a way that is needed for them.

You may have just come across my site or you may have been working with me for some time. Perhaps you have been familiar with me and have been watching my work. Either way, you are reading this for a reason. The reason will be different for everyone. But one thing is for sure, there is an energy to these words, that omits a frequency that creates a catalyst of change. A frequency that maybe you felt you needed as a reminder that you are fully alive and present to life and to inspire the rise of your own humanity, whatever that may be for you.

Everything has its time. That's what evolution is.

Like that of a candle, we hold within us a spark, a burning flame that is the essence of our true nature, that ignites another, to another, to another...

So...what is it that I do you ask? Well, I light candles.

Many, many, candles.

With love and empathy,

The Path Clearer ~ Walking my new path, while igniting others to theirs.

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