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Part 2: The Evolution of You: The Formation Of A New Hybrid Energy System.

When the 8th and 9th chakra begin to become active, this is usually when I see people begin to seek out some sort of assistance as this is usually where life begins to break down around you. A person may begin to experience feelings of being an impostor in their own life. They may start to seek "truth" in the world. Their moods, mental health and personal relationships may feel confusing. It is a blessing in a way that the process has begun, yet extremely confronting and beautiful at the same time.

When a new chakra becomes active, it must reach a stabilization point before the energy body and the physical body can continue the increase and development into the remaining additional chakras. How ever long that takes will depend on a person's lifestyle choices, diet, health issues, personal issues, relationship issues and environmental issues, along with their mental health and cognitive development. Each person has their own unique default energy flow that has been established by these factors already. This is why a person must make the necessary adjustments at an emotional, mental, and physical level that is required and governed by their own higher self.

There is a level of intuition that comes from within a person as to what change is required for that individual as they may find for example, being a vegetarian for numerous years and then all of a sudden their body is craving meat. It can be very perplexing to have these urges out of the blue. 

A person may love drinking alcohol as it is a big part of their lifestyle, yet they are showing signs of the body not coping with the capacity that they are consuming. Or it is the person that has been smoking for many years that finally knows that they are ready to leave it behind them for good. 

There are children who are now coming through who have full 12 chakras. They are part of the shift into the new humanity hybrid human consciousness. Most of these children are so highly functional and will display traits that seem to be "peculiar" or have a whole different type of emotional processing. Some display signs of appearing clairvoyant or even gifted, however, it is important to understand that children are already in an altered stated of consciousness so the additional 5 will be functional yet not to full capacity until a healthy level of physical and cognitive development is cemented first and a level of maturity has been established.

The longer the person has been operational in the 12, the more particular they become in the way they engage, socialise, eat, drink and behave. Of course no one is ever perfect, and there will always be challenges that challenge expansion. The more the 12 chakras are supported to become fully operational in their potential, then there are great benefits involved in the abilities to co-create and manifest and connect with others in a more fulfilling way.

The Shedding of Former Self

There are certain things that you can no longer take with you into the upgrade into a hybrid energy system and everyone will be different because every single system is unique. It is the old way of being that one must be willing to shed, as they can not take everything that they are in this "now" vibration with them into the new updated version of themselves. 

Many hold tight to a former identity and behaviours, even those who have transitioned to 12 chakras, however, they have not reached full maturity of the potential of the 12 chakra system, nor has each of the additional 5 reached its full functioning capacity. This will occur  if they are still attempting to maintain areas of life or patterns of behaviour in the same structure.

So for example, if a person has reached 12 chakra development and they have been for sometime, and they are still carrying out some old energy patterns of behaviours  such as drinking large amounts of alcohol or smoking, which is purely in their own right or choice to do, the energy current may be circulating in a default stabilized way however, it will still come across impediments that affect the wiring of the hybrid system. This means there is still potential to expand more fully into the 12 chakra consciousness.

If you can imagine an old circuit board that is overloaded by attempting to regulate more electricity. It needs to be able to be the right system to be able to hold the current and circulate the power effectively otherwise… boom… it trips the circuitry. Now apply that same concept to the human body in order to allow for the energy flow to reach its ideal capacity, applying the same habits, lifestyle, diet, social capacity, environment, relationship patterns, etc, it doesn't fit, so this is what makes this process of transitioning easier for some than others. For those whom have a concrete mind, that struggle to identify with energy, consciousness and thinking outside of three dimensional reality will face resistance in the process. Belief systems play a large part in determining how easily one will transition.  Dropping of old belief systems is an important part in the process.  

Many will struggle with the loss of the old self, feeling an internal battle take place between the old self dying and the new wanting to emerge. Each individual on the planet must eventually go through this process at some point to then in the future be a contributor to humanity as a whole as we become a race that runs at a higher consciousness and a fully operational 12 chakra system.   

Aliki Nektaria


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