How I became The Path Clearer

No-one transforms

on their own. Transformation requires a combination of internal and external influence.

It is as simple as that.

We require others in order to change to provide a witness, accountability, encouragement, challenges, confrontation and support.

Aliki Nektaria

Being groomed for my mission of service to others began in childhood, shaping my humanitarian consciousness from a very young age. A number of catalyst experiences, such as  mystical synchronicities, personal challenges and deep grief, from childhood through to adult life acted as the ignition to another level of self expansion, life direction and the maturing of my sensory abilities. 

It was in my 30s that I began receiving visions of what sort of work I would be doing with people, leading me to study modalities that would allow my abilities and consciousness to have full expression and affect. It was as if what I felt I knew deep inside me all along, finally found its way to move through me and for the first time in life I felt free to walk my own path.

It is now in my 40s where I have come into full bloom in my role and I am honored to have worked with every person that has chosen me, and it would be my honor to work with you too.


Pain is a great ascender.  It is a great awakener.  It is a major catalyst.

Through the looking glass...

I have worked in the field of Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Physical health as a professional Alternative Therapist for over 8 years. My training to become a Clinical Hypnotherapist included face to face classes, clinical assessments, logged clinical hours and in person assessments. 

Due to completing this course at such a high level of accomplishment and devotion, I was among the few that was rewarded with a scholarship to complete the diploma. I have been a member of the AHA (Australian Hypnotherapists Association) since I began practicing 8 years ago  and to further enrich my craft I have since completed the Diploma in Counselling and a series of professional Life Coaching programs. 

Having partaken in various personal development courses from a young age, my journey has equipped me with what I refer to as “Vibrational Knowledge”. This is different from intellectual and emotional knowledge, yet when the three are combined, it fosters a special divine unity within. These frameworks have provided amplification for me to fully utilise my inherent gifts and abilities, to broaden my work as a Metaphysician, Higher Guidance Counsellor, Mentor, Hypnotherapist and of course, a very naturally gifted Healer, which I hold most dear in my heart.

At 14 I knew enough to know that I was a Clairvoyant. During that time, we didn’t have access to information the way many teens do today, so  much of my discovery was gained through large amounts of reading and self introspection. I was 17 when I attended my first personal development course. I may have been the youngest participant in the course at the time, but that did not deter me from completing my first ever “fire walk”. It was at this age that I knew  I was to become a healer, yet had no real awareness as to how to put my abilities to use.                                                                                     


Why do people come to see me?
Mels testimonial for me.jpg

Like many do, I pushed my abilities and other aspects of myself away to fit in, be accepted and be liked. I discovered  later in life through a beloved mentor and friend, that I was a very gifted healer, Mystic, clairvoyant and channeler and one  of the many who came to earth at this time as a Volunteer Soul. 

During our earlier conversations, I would share with him my healing visions and mystical experiences, and it was in this sharing that he recognised me and the nature and extent of my natural abilities and gifts. He also recognised that I had yet to discover a way to nurture, develop, share, channel and deliver my gifts to the world, and so he invited me to become a Meridian Energetics® Practitioner.

I see people who have tried other therapies and modalities yet not had the desired or intended level of transition or transformation. I combine different elements of traditional person-centered therapy with alternative therapy and meld it together with vibrational knowledgeVibrational knowledge is my ability to read and understand the multiple layers of the human energy field and the ability to “multi-dimensionally” adjust to any vibration. This allows me to emit a key energy frequency, thus when connecting with an individual, they will experience either a shift in consciousness, elevation, or a relief by the immediate connection. Others, depending on where they are aligned, may experience feeling deeply triggered or experience me as a catalyst to ignite change in a different level of direction.

I was deeply honoured that someone finally saw me and that I was not imagining this stuff. I was deeply devoted to the work and still am to this day. I became a devotee to what could be achieved with this level of modality. I now had the framework to share my gifts as a healer with the world and be of service to humanity in the way I knew I was destined for. 

Often people don’t know where to begin.

They don’t know what sort of work they are looking for or even what will be effective for them.

More often, the issue that they think they are coming for turns out to be something else.



Studying to do this work is not enough.  It requires passion.

Many people experience an enmeshment of energies all at once and my work with them involves knowing where to start first in order to break it all down and enable the feeling of change to set in. My way of working with clients comes from the heart. This includes using a tough love approach when necessary. Knowing that they will hear what they need to hear in order to evolve to the next stage in their transition, rather than what they want to hear, is why people return to see me. People will avoid therapy as they are too scared to be witnessed in their shadows. Being highly empathic, I can connect deeply with others, creating a safe and supportive space that encourages free open sharing, without fear of judgement.

Testimonial: An experience shared.

Over the last 15 years, my healing journey has brought me in contact with many different kinds and skill levels of shamans, energy healers, intuitives, therapists, and psychologists. While they each had their own gifts that have blessed my journey, there are few of them that provided me the kind of immediate clarity and transformation that I experienced working with Aliki. Aliki's diverse range of experience and training gives her a uniquely powerful ability to zero in on the source of issues, whether they are in the mind, body, or other aspect of Self. Her hypnotherapy and energy healing abilities allows her to quickly and efficiently shift the problematic energies towards healing and reintegration. The best part is that Aliki is one of those rare healers that is willing to have the difficult, compassionate conversations with you to help you identify your blind spots so that you can confront the real issue at hand.
~ Kether Saturnius

What it means to be a Mystic

From the time I was a little girl I have learnt to profile energies. 

 Being a mystic is a commitment to a pathway that bridges physical reality with the higher dimensions.

 It is a state of being that elevates above beliefs and above self to observe  patterns in societal structures and consciousness that are used to process and bring about positive reform for the betterment and elevation of humanity.

I use my history of vibrational education and knowledge in the area of “Dynamics” to  formulate and share through the writing of my own content. My experience in understanding the mind, body and spirit connection and how they impact an individual's behavior, communication, lifestyle, personality and well-being has assisted many people from various cultural, religious and professional backgrounds such as Doctors, Nurses, Psychologists, Teachers, Business Owners, Life Coaches, Accountants, Professional Actors,  Healers, Parents, Hairdressers, Executives and more, from children as young as 5 to 70 years plus. I have also had the honor to assist other gifted  healers, clairvoyants, therapists, counsellors and coaches to enhance  their own service to others and their personal evolution and expansion. 


Being a mystic also means that I can work with people over Skype without it being a barrier to their transformation. This is because when I am in session, I am in the “no time” realm. So the requirement for physical proximity becomes obsolete. If you would like to have an in-person session, I am based at 'Transformation from Within' in Maroubra, NSW.

A diverse range of experience

There are many areas that I have accumulated experience. I do not just treat the symptom, I look at the person as a whole. A symptom is often a byproduct of a deeper or faceted issue. Below are focal areas that I can offer my services to assist with. If you are unsure of what sort of treatment you require then please feel free to book a 15 minute consultation with one of the services I offer on the booking page. 

Working with children & adolescents

Children are very special to work with as they don’t carry all of the programming, beliefs or hang-ups that we have as an adult. They respond well to hypnotherapy and symbolism as they already have a wonderful imagination that is heightened and willing

to learn. 

Teenagers are and often dealing with self esteem and confidence issues as they begin to shape their personality and sense of self to transition into young adulthood. 

Failure to Launch

"Failure to Launch" is also becoming an common behaviour associated with the young adults of today. This is normally characterised by not having fully developed their desire or skillset to "leave the nest" so to speak or reach certain transitioning phases of development or socialisation which provides them with that drive to launch themselves into being out in the world.

There are many children that are now coming though into the world that are highly sensory and need some different tools with someone that was once in that position and understand the psyche of that experience.

Tip: Hypnotherapy: For memory, performance or study stress.

Understanding the importance of Inner Child recovery

The Inner Child is the survivor within us all. 

Having to reconcile my own inner child has had me become very aware of the delicate nature of this unity that is required within on a very deep, personal and transformational level. It is the foundation of self love.

When the inner child is disrespected repeatedly or feels unheard, it can reap havoc on your life as who you are becomes the actions and manifestations of the unexpressed, wounded inner child. Working with a person who understands teaching healthy boundaries, attachment and how to connect with your inner child to nurture the balance of the masculine and feminine energies is key.

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A specialist in the transition of the 12 Chakra System

Humanity has been evolving from a 7 to 12 chakra system for some time. 

Each individual on the planet must eventually go through this process at some point to fully integrate the shift in consciousness that is currently taking place. 

It is important that during this time, a person seeks the right guidance, assistance and understanding for what is occurring.  Transitioning into a more superior energy system is not going to be easy for some. Many will struggle with the internal battle between the old self dying and the new wanting to emerge. 

I specialize in working closely with the Meridian System and Chakra Health within the Etheric Body to bring about relief from health conditions and pain reduction for overall wellness.

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Understanding the energies of: Twinflame, Soulmate &

Heart Catalysts 

This experience is deeply personal and unique and can be expressed as a "waking up inside".

This is an area which needs special care and personal experience to be able to go into the concepts, breakdowns and beliefs that are challenged during these connections. These connections can be a confusing and painful experience, therefore being able to speak and share freely with no judgement is important.   

Often these connections come into our life to highlight areas within ourselves that require growth and change. The energies involved in these connections have relevance and can be very intense often turning a persons world upside-down with a mystical essence that can be hard to put into earthly words.

Relationships: And the impact of masculine and feminine energies

Relationships are changing as consciousness changes.

Most of our concepts of relationships are moulded from a very primitive and basic understanding and are created from a young age. How we "do" relationships are the basic fundamentals of our existence as the main pyramid or structure of our life is centered or based around Relationships of all sorts such as personal, romantic, family, professional and community. 

Understanding the roles of the two combined energies of Masculine and Feminine is about understanding the importance of reaching inner unity of the two first in self and how it can impact ones personality and their relationships with the same or opposite sex. How the Inner Child plays a role in the success in our interconnectedness and ability to relate is also part of the dynamics involved.

Breaking down the "identity" through realising  and integrating of the "shadow self" to reach and reveal authentic self is part of achieving "unity" within.

This area also includes understanding the transmutation of sexual energy and healing sexual impediments or beliefs around ones own sexual expression and body image.

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In-depth knowledge of "Dynamics" 

Dynamics are an unseen force everywhere in our lives.

We are influenced by our internal and external environments in life. Within those environments are a network of intricate relating experiences. These  relating experiences are loaded with verbal and non-verbal communication.  

I am able to connect and read the energies in order to work closely in breaking down unhealthy dynamics that can become unconsciously enmeshed with others. These dynamics can be in Family (including blended), professional, community, personal, romantic or sexual. I use this knowledge to pinpoint areas that are blocks to effective relating and connection with others. 

Often we have blind spots in areas of life. In learning alternative view points and perspectives, it can alter areas of life that can affect our personal manifestation and the effectiveness of energy and communication towards our life goals, creates an additional level of multidimensional awareness to living life. 

I also work closely with mentoring HSP (Highly Sensitive Persons) or Empaths in understanding where they fit in life, management of themselves and personal energy field and understanding their personality in this diverse sea of energies in life.

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Crisis transitioning &


The brain and muscle memory of an individual can be caught in the flight or flight state in their psyche where they are in a constant perpetuation of this format of existence.

Often there are more than one particular element or issue that is troubling an individual. A person can be layered with various  circumstances surrounding them and not know where to start. Their life feels as though it is in a spiral and they feel completely in turmoil internally and externally.


Some individuals require complex support and care in moving them through this challenging period whilst also building them and empowering them at the same time. Providing a strong pragmatic approach whilst also assisting in providing higher guidance to the experience at the same time gives greater learning and understanding to an individuals growth at all levels.  

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Highly Sensitive Person (H.S.P)

or Empath Mentoring

HSPs or Empaths are those who have a higher than normal level of sensory sensitivity. 

They tend to have a much more complex internal world. Assisting those whom are of this nature to understand themselves better and to be able to validate their experience in applying advanced learning and awareness to how they are can be an empowering experience instead of being focused on the overwhelm of the stimuli.  

Being highly sensory myself is something I have had to learn to manage and I am passionate about guiding and caching those whom feel alone in this way of being to  bring relief in their world.

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