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Deep Dive With Aliki - An Introduction.

Today I will be introducing the topic and a brief outline in the series of emails you will be receiving over the coming week.

A big thank you to those who have responded and provided feedback as to what topics you would like me to cover in the future. I have felt into this and what may be needed, so I have chosen this week's topic to be on:

Topic One ~ Mental Body Madness

The mental body is considered to be a subtle body of energy that makes up part of the human energy field, which also adds to the form of our consciousness. When it is over functioning, its output becomes misguided and untamed. It is within the mental body that  we hold our conscious everyday thoughts, many of our beliefs, ideals and opinions. This is referred to being lower mind or lower mental body activity as its association is with "Identity and the linear mind functioning". Higher mind or higher mental body is to do with thoughts that are much more elevated and when used correctly are an ally to creation. I will be covering the "Identity mental body" that consists of the linear mind functioning and how to prevent yourself from being hijacked by MBM during this time of great change. ​

Aliki Nektaria

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