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Holistic Hypnotherapy: Mind Power.

How Holistic Hypnotherapy is useful for those experiencing health issues.

Without a doubt I believe, see and feel, that Hypnotherapy will be the therapy tool of the future. A bold statement? Yes.

Through working with people in this field for 10 years, it has enabled me to have experience working with various subjects, with different issues and health conditions. There is still much scepticism about Hypnotherapy, which of course is understandable, natural and to a degree healthy, as it is not of the standard textbook counselling. Hypnotherapy is a form of Psychotherapy. Anything associated with working with the Mind has a slight fear attached, as it can be linked to the Unknown. The use of Hypnosis for "theatrical pleasure" has to a degree created an impression that it is entertainment and not to be taken seriously, with no level of skilled professionalism involved, unlike what we associate with other so called mainstream mental health therapies.

To be a Holistic Hypnotherapist and an energy worker, one must have an extremely open mind to what is possible, because one must have a great understanding of how vast the so called subconscious and superconscious is. For me, the draw to become a therapist in this field was a mere extension to an external expression of the spiritual abilities I possess. It’s everywhere that you can “stop smoking” and “lose weight” using Hypnotherapy. I have and do work with these types of cases, to achieve highly effective results. However, today I want to talk more on how Hypnotherapy works in the field of dealing with health issues.

So how can an illness or health issue manifest in the body?

The mind, thoughts and feelings have a power over the way we live our life and also power over our body. However, because we are kept so busy working, watching our favourite TV show, going to a football game, looking at emails, scanning Facebook, looking at Instagram, while getting the children to their ballet class or weekend soccer, we are not always able to consciously observe or have an awareness to ‘self’ and what is going on in our own body.   We are not always present to habits, thoughts or emotions, or even, dare I say it “energetic sensations” in our bodies.

I find that many clients are not able to discern certain emotions they are feeling. The most common of those emotions being Anger. It is easy to cover up and go about your day. However, it can be there, and you can feed the suppression of it and lack of awareness to it.  

Holding on to anger is like drinking the poison and expecting the other person to die.

Anger puts the body into its ‘fight or flight’ response, just as fear and anxiety does, which stimulates the adrenal glands to produce adrenaline and cortisol. This  increases heart rate and blood pressure. The combination of these chemicals, and un-dealt with anger, can eventually lead to long term health problems or illness such as:

  • headaches

  • digestive problems or abdominal pain

  • insomnia

  • increased anxiety

  • high blood pressure

  • skin problems (eczema)

  • heart attacks

  • stroke

  • depression

Consider that our body and our mind is a vast biological computer. We have thoughts and feelings associated with the experience of the memory that can come all the way from the womb. The memory is then neurologically sorted and coded and filed into either long-term, short-term etc. We can recall an experience from the past for example going to a special event like a wedding, and it can have a wonderful thought, and feeling attached to it and we can actually relive the experience of that moment  as if it were happening now.  

Apply that, to the emotion of Anger. If there is something in the past that has deeply coded the thought, experience and emotion of anger with it, and this experience is somehow triggered by other people, environments, circumstances or events, the body will be able to experience the anger and once again release the chemicals into the body as if the experience was happening now each time. By removing the emotional attachment to the thought and breaking it down in a way that reconstructs the whole experience and how it was originally coded, this then creates a different personal experience and therefore an altered state on the body. It has interrupted the pattern. 

The Possibilities of Working with you Using Hypnotherapy

Over the years my services have expanded from only seeing clients face to face, to also working over Skype. I am still able to  provide a thorough experience and service for an  individual using this form of technology. Internet therapy is becoming widely popular, as it provides those who are in remote areas, time poor or mobility challenged, to have to access to alternative forms of therapy. 

I have worked with people dealing with a variety of health conditions. Whether it is over Skype or Face to Face, I am still able to energetically work with an individual and being Clairvoyant, I can still view what is happening with them over Skype. To provide you with a general idea of the experience, I would like to share a client case.


A client contacted me regarding muscle injury to her arm. She at the time was working as a Massage Therapist and had injured the muscle in a non-work related activity. She had been receiving Physiotherapy for her arm; however it was not fully recovering. I was able to connect with her emotional state and determine other aspects of the body that were linked to it. I mentioned this to her so as to be able to work in conjunction with the Physiotherapy she was receiving.


When having a Skype session I was able to view the energetic template of her arm where the inflamed area was, and noticed that there was a lot of heat. I asked if she was applying anything to the arm, as I could energetically see a film of greyish colour. She said she was applying a muscle cream. The problem was that this was again, creating too much heat in the area. 

During the session, I counselled her on what was coming up in her thoughts, her feelings and in her body and whilst in the Hypnotherapy experience,, she shared a memory of a previous or alternate life that was also linked to the arm injury. This is where some release and healing and resolve was needed. This doesn’t mean all cases are the same, but for her as a person, this is what was needed.

During this time, she was able to become very present to her body, and even the awareness of noticing that her arms were 2 different temperatures, something she had never noticed before. After 2 weeks of my instructions along with the meditations, I viewed the arm for the second time. I noticed in the energy template, that the inflamed part of muscle was now extremely minimal. I asked her what her pain rating out of 10 was now,  and she answered that it had gone from a 9 to a 2. 

Now of course every case is unique, however, the intention of sharing the above case study is an example of how I work and also what is possible. I have worked with individuals who were able to reduce their pain up to 90%.   

​With Hypnotherapy you do not necessarily need to understand how it works for it to work, you just need to do the work with someone that is right for you. When I work with an individual, I see the big picture, not just the presenting issue, and have witnessed some wondrous shifts occurring before my eyes. 

Often people experiencing health concerns, Trauma, Addiction or Depression do not always talk about them or share with others, as to not be seen as a burden, or risk embarrassment. They feel the extremity of their personal issue will not be taken seriously or completely understood by those around them. I am here to let you know the "First Step" is knowing that there are other alternatives and it just takes your willingness to be open to a new and different treatment path.

​​If you are ready for the next step along your new path please book your free call with me.

Aliki Nektaria

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