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Stop Breathing Out Smoke & Start Breathing in Light

Updated: Feb 17

Stop Smoking for Life - And Understand why you Haven't Until Now.

Being a smoker is not a logical decision. We like to believe and think that we are creatures driven by logic but this is not the case.

If I asked you to sit down with a calculator and add up how many packets of cigarettes you buy a week to times that by the year and then for the amount of years you have been smoking... most of you would not really want to know or even go there because you know it would be around the $$$$ to $$$$$ mark for some of you.

What is remarkable though is that level of commitment that someone has to being a smoker, can easily be the same level of commitment to their health.

Interesting isn't it as we as people with find all sorts of ways to succumb financially to our vices yet when it comes to bettering oneself we very rarely find the time or money to do so.

The truth is that people will always find money, no matter how many bills they have or things they have going on financially to find a way to buy a packet of cigarettes. Why? Because on the surface it adds value to them and their life in some way, but deep down there is something more going on. It is more than a nicotine addiction.

I could sit here and give you all of the details and reasons as to why you should stop smoking and you as a smoker will totally nod along in absolute agreement to the truth that you are being presented with, and then because the information becomes too distressing for you to hear.... you light up a cigarette.

Some of you may attempt to quit cold turkey or attempt to use patches, or electronic cigarettes. Even the electronic ones are just as harmful. You may make it through a month, perhaps three, but then somehow you find your way back to the tobacconist asking for your favourite brand, cracking the seal in anticipation of that first inhalation, all the while fighting down the inner battle with self guilt, shame and weakness... and you light up a cigarette.

In this day and age there is so much subconscious judgement towards a person who smokes from a person who doesn't. A smoker is told numerous times how filthy and disgusting their habit is by those who they are surrounded by. They are pressured by loved ones to stop continuously. Society campaigns against them and even now the cigarette packets have gruesome pictures to “supposedly” make you "aware" and after being in the battlefield defending yourself or even nodding in agreement… you light up a cigarette.

Through working in the field as a Hypnotherapist, I have successfully assisted people to stop smoking. I have had people come and see me who have experienced all sorts of treatments and therapies, that have had them stop for some time, but then they have resumed it again. I find this is because they are only having the surface issue, being the smoking addressed.

When a person comes to me, and they have chosen me to surrender their smoking up for good, I honour the smoker in them. Sounds strange doesn’t it, but most of their lives their smoking has been negatively re-enforced within themselves from environment, from friends, from family. The thing is, their smoking has served a purpose for them.

For all of you out there who knows someone who smokes, making them feel bad about their smoking is not going to make them want to stop. Focusing on the positives will. As I mentioned earlier on, there is a commitment level and consistency that comes from being a smoker, that is a positive trait to have, and to encourage someone to put that in another area of their life is enlightening them to a new possibility of putting that energy in another direction.

Let's focus on empowering people to see what their life can be like when, you are a non-smoker for life.

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