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Taking Risks: An Accelerator for Transformation.

A ship in the harbour is safe, but, that's not what ships were made for.

For me, those words cast a line out to my heart and resonate with me deeply. They are a metaphor on how I have lived life thus far and the experiences I have had. 

So what is this quote really about?

It's about taking risks....  

We can remain safe and comfortable in life, if we don't move out of our comfort zone, however, there would be important elements that create and influence our growth that we would be shielding ourselves from, in order to expand.

It made me realise and remember all the risks I have taken in life, right up to now, and also how they have turned out. They have never been perfect. In my eyes, they have not always come about as ideally as I would have liked, however, the universal principles somehow move to align and support the process, with an underlying blessing that slowly unravels in its discovery.​​

So what is RISK?

When we define the word Risk, it has the meaning of “Exposing someone or a situation to the possibility of a danger, harm or loss." So in relating that to ourselves, it is: 

Exposing our self to a situation that could jeopardise our current state of reality for the worse or better, physically or emotionally, where we see a potential for more loss more than a gain.

When we look at what compels a person to take a risk, it starts with an impeding thought, or situation that has moved into a high priority point in our emotional vibrational being. We are evaluating where we are in life, and looking at  new possibilities to move into. Risks can be brought on by a catalyst experience, physically/emotionally/spiritually and can be brought on by a need to challenge self so as to progress further, or to improve a personal/professional situation.

The emotional dynamic of Risk

We turn inwards and look at what our current situation is, what the external situation is presenting and what our values are. Values are what we consider in the nature of our heart (our true authentic self), as something of deep importance.

It is after looking at all the facts, processing all the emotions, that one comes to a point of surrender to their higher guidance.

When we are guided by our highest values to take risks that involve moving in alignment with them, expanding who we are, and adding to our well-being and inner growth, we are then living from authentic self. 

Here’s the thing though, if you are in a situation, where you are faced to choose between high priority values, you will be forced to choose the value of uttermost high priority. Therefore the risk will be in alignment with the highest value.

Say then we are attached to the current way things are. When we attach to something, we are holding on to it as an identification point of who we are, which is actually working against the flow, against our higher selves and getting in our own way so to speak. This is what creates the internal conflict around the situation, event, or person as to which you are preventing taking the risk around, as a progression to the next level. 

The way we need to be is if you can picture water flowing in a stream, over rocks, through crevices, it connects but keeps moving forward. 

It is the moving into a possible worsening or expanding experience as well as the not wanting things to change that creates the emotional dynamic of risk.

Say a person’s highest value is "service to others". After going inwards, internally, and evaluating their external reality, they are then guided to move to another city, as they feel that their higher self is guiding them there. However the emotional dynamic of risk is created, when the value of service to others becomes conflicted with say three other higher values, one of them for example being a sense of security, whilst experiencing the possibility of loss of all that they had created around them. 

Then they consider what the reward may be, which is the possible expansion and growth that the move will bring, which eventually surrenders them over to allowing that to become the driving force of the risk.

This then has them acknowledge the circumstances associated with the risk and, they begin to emotionally and physically prepare for the physical challenge to follow, all the while being open to the hidden rewards, blessings, and transformation along the risk journey.

So that’s what I did… I took that risk. 

It was some time ago. I didn’t see how it was all going to unfold, and it didn’t go exactly to plan. In all honesty it went better, not perfect, but better. Was it hard? Yes. Did I get to see how resilient and resourceful of a person I can be? Yes. Have universal blessings unfolded along the way? Yes. In surprising ways.

​Not everyone, or possibly anyone, will understand your risk, some may even question you or challenge you. This is okay. This is part of the test of strength and commitment towards the risk.

So what are the benefits from taking Risks?

A path of opportunity and blessings

If we don’t take risks in life, we never get to discover how resilient or courageous we can be in the face of adversity. Taking a risk does feel unpleasant sometimes. However, if we don’t reach out and grab that chance, towards possibilities presented, we will remain secretly wondering what if.

If you truly want to live you must risk. You must risk losing what you know, for what you don't know and feels comfortable, to follow something that won't make sense or seem practical.

A step to transformation

Sometimes risk can mean following your heart or a calling or a dream, even when the facts or odds seem to appear against you, or ridiculous to others. It is feeling the fear, yet, somehow being guided through that.

Yes, Risk, can result in some losses, but that is part of the path. It can also open you up to a plethora of possibilities that you may have not been surrounded by or would have experienced before, therefore providing a new energy to come into your life and into your being. Just remember, that the risk is just another stepping stone.

Risk takes being vulnerable, it takes being authentic. It doesn’t always mean you have the whole thing worked out, but you are willing to see where the risk will take you.

Hidden Rewards

The level of emotions in taking a risk is a rush of  fear, excitement, liberation, and freedom, concern, doubt, passion and adventure. It can also bring up a fear of failure, and turn it in to a sense of accomplishment. Irrespective of the risk, and not exactly knowing “how” you are going to get through a phase to the next level, it requires just seeing enough of the path in front of you, just the first few steps, not necessarily the whole path. In a way it is holding the expectation and trust that the risk you are taking will bring a reward to you, even if you don't know what that will look like, be, or feel like.  

As mentioned, risk does require making sure you are moving from the right value, into a new possibility or experience with an element of inner emotional assessment, and the physicality of what is involved as to whether they are congruent with each other. There must be some element of preparation, even if not all the details are known.

How big or small the risks are may vary, but, risk is a part of life, so make it work for you. ​

If you are ready for the next step along the path in discerning what your values are and how they are impacting you, or if you are conflicted in an area of your life, please feel free to contact me to make a booking.

Aliki Nektaria

The Path Clearer

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