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The Layers Of Grief & The Power Of Letting Go.

Any form of loss creates pain and sadness. It is not just limited to the death of a loved one, yet this is the most difficult loss one can experience. Being able to support a person through the process of grief takes sensitivity, strength, understanding and a great deal of empathy. 

Part of the experience of grief is the understanding that in that moment life is not going to be the same and that a person feels they aren’t going to be the same. Everything changes,  life is turned upside down and it is so hard to see or feel a way out from the sea of emotional heart wrenching sadness. For some it is hard to imagine or believe that there is even a way through it.

There is a fear associated with the loss. Fear that they may never have those moments again, that there will never be another opportunity, that it is the absolute end of something that was the source of so much love or happiness. Because of this fear, it can prevent or delay a person from wanting to let go fully and move through the stages of grief to the other side.

Transforming your grief into an important milestone in your life enables you to see the blessing of what still surrounds you, therefore, creating love around the grief experience, by honouring what it has shown you. 

Loss and grief can come up at a time when you are at a crossroads in your life and you feel that you may have missed opportunities. It could be that you realise that you may not be a mother or the possibility that the dreams that you have had for your life were not achieved.    Perhaps it could be that a financial experience such as bankruptcy has occurred. What ever the case, this deep sadness can grow within and end up being the dominating vibration of resonance within your lifestyle. You may find it difficult to experience any real joy in your being or even see the joy in life in general.

One of the most associated perceptions associated with grief is a perceived lack of love and/or unexpressed communication. We feel we have lost a source of something that adds to who we are. Often things that go unmentioned or not being able to say goodbye or say what is really needed to be expressed can prevent a person from truly letting go and moving on from their grief.

Hypnotherapy Works Powerfully For You To Move Through Grief

Hypnotherapy is one of the best modalities for releasing grief. The therapeutic process involves guiding a person into a deep state of relaxation known as trance, and creating an internal environment within themselves that allows for unexpressed communication to be resolved and new silver linings or blessings to be realised. In doing this, the person experiences a deep letting go from the pain and heaviness they were carrying. Often this process is so powerful, that it can be fully released in only one session.

Energy Medicine And The Heart Chakra

Grief creates a person to become energetically insular. They actually close off and stop feeling as though they are in the flow of life. Personal energy levels decrease and a person may feel as though they are just going through the motions of a day to day existence. Sleeping may also be an issue depending if there is trauma associated with the grief. Lack of energy leads to not being able to function properly. Daily tasks may seem overwhelming. Your performance at work may be impacted. Areas of life feel like they may be harder to deal with and you may just find there is no joy in anything you do.  

By working directly with the etheric body, which is the blue print of the physical body, enables access to all the energetic information relating to you. The Etheric body contains energy meridians that become blocked, therefore affecting the balance and flow of chi energy circulating around the body. Releasing these meridians harmonises the flow and also aids to balance the masculine and feminine energies. What  makes this type of energy work more effective than others is working with the 12 chakra system not limited to 7. This makes the impact much more advanced in its effectiveness in releasing and restoring heart chakra radiance again, whilst also a great addition to Hypnotherapy or on its own.  

If you would like some assistance in moving through your grief, then please contact me and know that there is life again on the other side waiting for you. As the saying goes, one door opens when another closes, but often we focus so much on the one that is closed that we overlook what is there for us, in the door that has opened.

Aliki Nektaria

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