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The "Mass" Of Who We Are: 2022

Hello Everyone, Here we are at the beginning of 2022

How did we get here... to this very place we are right now?

How did you get to where you are positioned physically, emotionally, financially, spiritually?

Can you trace the steps, can you see the energetic footprints that you have made?

We all know where we have come from, but the question is... where are we headed? Where are you headed? We can never really know with certainty the outcome of every choice we make, but, we can become attuned to trusting ourselves with whatever choice we do make, so as to make room somehow to grow into and fill into the person that we want to become. It's from there that we can then choose the level of impact of what we want to leave behind when we pass over someday. We get caught up in the lower vibrations and distractions of life, that when it comes to creating a pathway ahead, it seems almost pointless or meaningless at times. It's important to remember that you can not resolve yourself from the same frequency that your current holding pattern of life is in. It requires an external force to interrupt it before altering the frequency to change. At the moment humanity is showing itself as a tip of an iceberg. You can see the part that's only showing above the water. On the surface it presents calm, although, underneath, lies the hidden body of foundation that supports and holds that top structure in place. Together they form a "Mass" which are a unification of individual elements arranging themselves together in an unspecific way. This year, you are going to discover what is really underneath that iceberg. You are going to really discover who you are, what type of person you really are, and what you are really made of. The "Mass" of who you are. For many this will not be a fond experience, because you will be faced with the surfacing of personality impediments and facing the parts of self that you felt you had hidden pretty well, even from yourself. You will notice things about your personality that really isn't just about the external influences or pressures, but really how your "being" is within it. The many will find their "being" responses will be difficult to come from a place of elevation and clarity as that too will even take on a new meaning than what it has thought to have been.

Many believe they have a good heart, that they are a good human. Well, that may have been true... but the time for good is over. A good heart is no longer enough. It's going to take a great heart now.

How great can your heart be? Truthfully.

What determines a great heart?

That is the question that the many will be asking.
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