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Victim Consciousness: From Reactor to Responder.

Victim Consciousness has the vibration of lack associated with it. There is lack in self and a lack in the world they see around them. There is a pay off in this for this state of consciousness to a degree, which I will get into more. 

Victim Consciousness is a state of helplessness.

I refer it to be a state of consciousness as it is important to never consider yourself or another as to be permanently fixed a certain way.​ Therefore it is important not to label "self" or another as "Victim" but to simply recognise it, become aware of it and grow from it.

When in Victim Consciousness, there is simply no power here. No power in self, therefore no power in our external world. To have self power, or be empowered, means to be able to generate energy from within.

Being connected to our own inner power is first and foremost. Without it, this is where lack and blame becomes present instead of power.

Blame can be defined as feeling or declaring that (someone or something) is responsible for all faults or wrong doings. With the energy associated with blame, there is often a "not knowing" how to respond differently to the situation that has evoked the Victim Consciousness.

Victim Consciousness in a person has been created by another or a circumstance. It has been a learned behaviour as to adapt to or survive in certain circumstances. Therefore it can be a default for a person if they have never been shown any other resources to utilise within themselves.

It is said by many self help and personal development providers that we are all responsible for ourselves and that moving into being "Responsible" is where the power lies. This is true. This is when you can become a "responder" instead of a "reactor" to life. However, how does one recognise responsibility, how does a person move into the consciousness of responsibility when all they know of is the comfort of "Victim reactor"?

Identifying the Victim in "self" or another is the easy part. The challenge is to get to know the Victim and why it's there. This requires educating "self" first on the victim consciousness, as to why it is being used  and  from there allow new information, and personal growth to transform that state of being into something new. There are some things in life we can't just put a band-aid over with positive thinking. It simply won't work. It needs to be nurtured into a new state of existence. This requires breaking down old patterns of belief and thinking and re-building into ones that serve, instead of creating disharmony.

Hypnotherapy is a powerful way that can assist you to break old patterns of thinking and challenge beliefs that no longer serve you.

Aliki Nektaria

The Path Clearer


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