Things you Need to Know


How long will it take for me to get a response from Aliki?


All messages, emails or enquiries are attempted to be answered within 48 hours. Please also understand that due to work load and also being an energy reader and in the business of human behavior that I will only respond to what I feel is necessary. Not every piece of information or questioning is going to receive a response from me. So please be prepared to know this. Click here to book your 15 minute consultation.

How do I pay for my booking?


All payment and currency is in Australian Dollars. For international clients, all payments are paid via PayPal and will incur an additional PayPal fee. Cash payments are acceptable when deemed appropriate. Click here to book your 15 minute consultation.

How do online services work?​


All sessions online are video tele-services sessions and a consent form is to be signed. There is no recording of sessions allowed whatsoever due to confidentiality. You require a good internet connection, headphones, a quiet space with no disturbances, a comfortable chair with a back and a device that does not receive incoming distractions. Click here to book your 15 minute consultation.

Do I need to fill any forms before my first appointment?​


A client intake form is to be filled in and signed with particular services. Click here to book your 15 minute consultation.

I am used to in-person sessions, will the online session still ​be effective?


All services including Remote Energy Medicine are available online. Aliki is able to make an energetic connection with all of her services, therefore, quality of online sessions can be just as effective as in person sessions. Click here to book your 15 minute consultation.

Is remote energy healing available?​


Yes, this is an additional service that is also available under an Energy Medicine consultation.

Do you offer readings?


Readings are provided as an addition and an inclusion to the Higher Guidance Coaching & Counselling service. 


All 15 minute phone consultations are free of charge and are only standard voice phone calls. For international phone calls it can be arranged over Whatsapp or Messenger. Click here to book your 15 minute consultation.

Are the 15 minute consultations free of charge?

What happens if I miss my consultation call?


Sometimes things come up at the last minute. I will attempt to call you twice for your consultation call. If I'm unable to reach you, you will receive an email to say that contact was attempted and I will invite you to book another time​ through the booking system. Click here to book your 15 minute consultation.

Do you offer gift vouchers?


If you are enquiring for another please understand that as an energy reader and long time therapist, part of a person seeking assistance must be done by the individual themselves. At times, people, friends or family members attempt to coerce change or want to encourage change for a person through attempting to find out information to pass on to the person who needs the assistance. 

This rarely works. 


Part of change is a person having power in making choices and choosing the right person for the assistance. 


Unless the person is a child or underage, all persons that have a session must be spoken with directly.


If you are looking to purchase a session as a gift, please understand that the type of energy work I do is not the type you experience in a traditional day spa or health centre. It’s much more deep and advanced so please understand that no gift vouchers are given for these types of sessions without the person knowing full well what they are choosing, rather than having it dumped upon them in surprise. 


There are many different levels of energy work which the general public may not know about in depth unless you are an advanced energy healer.



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