Clinical Hypnotherapy Background




Clinical Hypnotherapy


Mental and Emotional Energy

How it Works: The Mental & Emotional Energy Field

The capacity that Hypnotherapy has to transform an individual is limitless. It is a unique internal therapy, where the subconscious mind becomes isolated and highly receptive, aware to new information it wishes to access and absorb.


Often the process can only be understood once experienced. The result is a shift in one’s own inner perceptions, thoughts and behaviours, which then impacts one’s own sphere of energy and reality. 

An experience, thought, communication or behaviour often has a mental, emotional and physical  energetic anchor associated with its coding. This information can either be pain or pleasure related. By dissembling the energetic charge and interrupting the neuro flow pattern, it alters the processing around the experience, severing the energetic anchoring from the emotional body and allowing for new awareness to come through in the mental body. 

The "States" of Being:  Brain Waves

Beta is the state of consciousness that is currently accessed now as one reads through the information provided. It’s associated with alertness, concentration, problem solving and task orientation. Alpha can be easily entered into by closing your eyes and breathing, automatically shutting down the visual senses and information received through the eyes. It slows the brain waves down to where daydreaming; creative thought and relaxation can be experienced, bridging the transition into Theta state. Theta is the phase that is entered into before dreaming and is where “detached awareness” occurs. This is where inner therapy begins, in between the Alpha and Theta states, as Theta waves are associated with inspiration, illumination and immense creative power and have been known to illicit profoundly spiritual yet very aware states of being therefore, allowing one to be brought back to full beta state (everyday waking state) consciousness easily.

Brain waves Mentoring

Hypnosis can only be facilitated with

a person who has a desire to focus their attention; therefore it is really

yourself that is allowing this state,

where you will be open to

therapeutic suggestion, to occur.

Reticular Activating System Coaching

The Reticular Activating System (RAS)

The RAS is a cluster of nerves that reside at the base of the brain and regulates breathing and rhythms of the body, whilst also filtering messages that run to and from the conscious brain. As mentioned earlier, when the eyes are closed this creates a reduction in stimuli to the RAS, therefore, lowering brain wave activity. The RAS is also involved with habit formation, which can be trained through inner therapy tools to play a role in attracting towards ourselves new behaviours, habits, goals, or achievements. Much like when we decide on a vehicle of a particular colour and model to purchase, we will begin to see that exact vehicle everywhere.

If you have tried Hypnotherapy with someone else before and it didn’t work or you were told you weren’t able to be put into Hypnosis, I assure you that I have seen a number of clients who have been told this very thing, to then in a session with me, have a deeply profound and effective experience.


It is vitally important that you connect with the therapist you have chosen, as healing is a  co- creation.

Wondering whether you could experience hypnosis?

Fact VS Myth

Will I lose control and not know what is going on?


You will only go into hypnosis under your own control of being guided into deeper states of relaxation and you are aware of what is occurring during the session.



Is it only the weak-minded that go into Hypnosis?


To be effective, a high ability to focus and concentrate is necessary to be able to follow suggestions. Nothing can be expressed or released without your own personal selective mechanisms in this state or your permission.


To be effective, a high ability to focus and concentrate is necessary to be able to follow suggestions. Nothing can be expressed or released without your own personal selective mechanisms in this state or your permission.



If I don't go into a deep trance of relaxation, does that mean it didn't work?


You can be in a very light state of relaxation to deep. Everyone is different and will experience hypnosis differently. Sessions will also differ depending on treatment so you will not have the same experience every time.



How can Hypnotherapy assist you?



Phobias & Fears

Inner Child Recovery

Stress & Anxiety


Relationship concerns or patterns

Healing a broken heart


Energy Medicine

Etheric Healing & Chakra Illumination
Meridian Energetics® Logo.png

Meridian Energetics® The 12 Chakra

Specialist Modality

Meridian Energetics® is a unique modality, which stands alone from the varying types of energetic therapies. The core focus of Meridian Energetics® is with the etheric layer. By opening up and unblocking the meridians through the means of touching lightly on specific points along the body, it corrects the circulatory flow of energy, thus improving the communication between the energy layers, resulting in increased well-being and lifestyle changes.

Contained within the etheric body are holographic sheath layers that store "programming" which are linked to a person’s beliefs or habitual behaviour patterns resulting in either a positive or negative impact on a person. If this programming is the main one that is running a person’s choices, then it can impact the quality of life they are living. Removal of negative programs can help align a person with what is necessary to move forward in life. 

Apart from the above, it also focuses on balancing the masculine and feminine energies so as to form a stronger constitution of internal harmony. During a session, the flow of these two energies are aligned. The amount of sessions required until this becomes a new template of balance within all the energy bodies will vary depending on each person.

The Etheric Layer

The Human Energy Field consists of energy layers that interconnect and communicate with each other to form a harmonious well-being. One of these layers is the Etheric Layer, which is a blueprint of you and your physical body. Within the etheric layer is a meridian system that differs from those referred to in Chinese therapies; however, the techniques used compliment the concept of these therapies as well.


Through these meridians pass an invisible nutritive energy known as “Chi”. Chi supplies the whole body as well as the subtle energy bodies with life force energy to exist in this time space reality. These meridians can become clogged, creating a lack of unified energy flow, restricting the flow to vital organs therefore resulting in all sorts of mental, emotional and physical symptoms and can even prevent one’s own ability to create or manifest their reality.

Disease begins

in the

etheric body.

What are the effects of Energy Medicine
& what can it do for YOU?

Meridian Energetics® could be a form of treatment that you may not have yet considered. This type of energy medicine can be used in conjunction with  other methods you may already be engaged with to fill in the missing pieces of the puzzle.

It has proven success with illness, pain, or  injury and other body conditions. Each person is unique, with some reporting a change in their condition straight away, whilst others notice a gradual change with the use of additional sessions.

Many show significant improvement in conditions from just one session, bringing something that may have had a pain reading of an 8/10 down to a 3/10.

Others notice that once the pain has gone, they completely  forget the pain they

came in to treat.


It's as if it never existed.


Meridian Energetics®

Can make possible changes at any of these levels...

Energetics Counsellor



Weight loss

Increased circulation

Increased energy & metabolism

Cleansing & detoxification

Improved immune response

Break the cycle of illness & suffering

Pain management

Higher Guidance Coaching & Counselling
From linear mind... to Higher Self
Guidance Coaching and Counselling

A non-conventional approach incorporating the metaphysical and mystical framework.

It is a conversation that opens up through Aliki making a connection with your heart center and higher self, which then allows energetic information to be channeled. This session allows for full expression of your “self” from all levels that incorporate the human level  of existence, which are  the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical energy bodies. This then enhances and strengthens your own connection to higher self, elevating you out of linear mind everyday thinking to altered states of consciousness to allow for discovery of new wisdoms, perspectives and pathways to be revealed.

If you are looking for more than a "Reading", this session is for you.

An organization of the disorganized energies within the human energy field results in a more harmonious flow of communication between the energy bodies so as to assist in the manifestation or the catalyst of change required for an individual’s path and soul journey.

The information that will come though will be that which is most relevant and needed for you to hear at that point in time, not what you want or expect to hear.

Readings - The Path Clearer
Improve Wellbeing through Chakras

What can you expect from a session?

A feeling of peace and clarity.

A reconnection with your higher self and source energy.

A connection back into heart centre.

An organisation of energetic information within your energy field.

An energetic download of information pertaining to what  your energy field needs for where you on your soul journey.

A catalyst shift to create a dynamic change and acceleration of movement along your path.  

This session is for you if you experience...
Higher Self

Relationship or soul connection challenges. 

Dynamic Mentoring
Dynamic Mentoring

What can you expect from a session?

We have a personal vibrational field that interacts and communicates with others. Uncovering how this energy field affects others, whether in a personal or professional environment, can reveal blind spots in how you relate or connect. Through exploring your language and tone of communication, body language and behaviour, you are able to recognise how what you are transmitting outwards may be impacting your success, growth or harmony in areas of life. 

One of the benefits of this session is bringing in another element of listening and revealing that not all traditional coaching techniques or mainstream therapies work for every individual. Being stretched and challenged to grow can be a confronting experience at times and working with someone who has a diverse range of understanding and skills in the intricacies that make up an individual is important, so as to build them based on who they are and their own unique vibration. 

This is not a therapy session...

This is for those who are looking for precision and enhanced information in their interpersonal and  vibration dynamics. If you are a healer, a therapist or a coach, there is information that can be gained to enhance the quality and effectiveness of your service.

What can you expect from a session?

For those who are either looking for support in the current field of work they are in, this session can assist in shaping other areas of your life to assist with shifting interpersonal dynamics, reaching targets, goal setting, cleaning up areas of your life, dream building or vision enhancement or dealing with ongoing change that requires close transformational support.

What are you putting out in your vibration that is your blind spot that could be impacting areas of your life in ways that you may not be aware of? What is your personal vibrational field communicating about you?

This service is the only service that requires full upfront payment of the initial session and 2 follow-up sessions as a starter kit. Any ongoing sessions after the first 3 are available in sets of 2 and can be used on a weekly basis, fortnightly or monthly basis. 

Are you looking for...
Image by garrett parker

A more heart-centred approach to creating, cultivating or 

building leadership qualities or expansion in yourself or in business?

Reconcile With Your Inner Child

                                                  Me, Myself and I


The most significant relationship we have, that we often neglect and forget is the one with our “self.” The inner child makes up a part of the psyche that influences relationships, manifestation, abundance, health, behaviour, money and many other areas of life, even our profession and inner development.

The inner child can surface in unpredictable ways to show you that there are areas of life that they are feeling disrespected in, wounded, angry, hurt, dismissed, neglected, abandoned, rejected, abused and traumatized in. It can also surface when there is an experience of not receiving the adequate parenting that was “needed”, thus creating certain types of acting-out behavioural patterns in one’s life appearing as self-sabotage.

Learning to understand the needs of your inner child enables these feelings to surface within one's consciousness so as to reveal the core issues to be dealt with.

"Psyche Scarring" can influence or change our

perceptions of how things occur to us.

It can even alter our perceptions

of how we are treated by others.

Understanding the
Psycho-spiritual Connection

An important part of childhood is the level of attachment experienced between parent and child. This is where we create our feeling of acceptance and concepts of love, affection, connection and positive regard of certain behaviours. We also develop a feeling of safety and security during the attachment years that helps us shape our emotionality and our personality. As adults, we neglect the ability to connect with the needs of our inner child and be our own "parent". This is where the psycho-spiritual element comes in, through first meeting and recognising that the inner child is present, and learning self-acceptance, self-love and self-understanding, which is essentially what the inner child is both yearning and looking for.

Break the pattern of dysfunction

Dysfunctional ancestral family patterning or templating is passed on from each generation at a cellular, energetic and subconscious level.

At times a person can be experiencing large amounts of family troubles due to their inner child being the one that has taken on challenging and changing the impediments or beliefs within the family. Partaking in Inner Child work and reconciling these dysfunctional energies is part of creating change on a broader scale for the entire family network, as part of the evolution in consciousness.

You may be experiencing inner child wounding if you:

Feel like there is something deeply wrong with you.

What is inner child recovery?

Inner child recovery, is recovering the fragments within you on a multidimensional level, to allow for changes in one's personality, and becoming a more unified, self-actualized individual. It’s the foundation of inner love for you first before being able to really allow the love of another and the love for another. Learn to connect and listen to the words of your inner child from within, to experience the freedom you seek in your outside world.

These Sessions are tailored to each individual and involve Hypnotherapy. More information on the structure of these sessions are provided upon consultation.

Learn to connect and listen to the words of your inner child from within to experience the freedom you seek in your outside world.