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VLOG: The Rise Of Humanity: The "Why" we are Experiencing Division & Separation.

This clip goes into discussing the division and separation in humanity due to restrictions, lockdowns and mandates, along with various opinions and views. This is an opportunity to see the bigger picture past three-dimensional reality as to what is happening behind the scenes in the collective consciousness of humanity and why this MASS SORTING PROCESS of categorising consciousness has come about.

Again I ask that you be patient with my progress in becoming a public speaker and presenting content with you all in this way, as (aside from my first introductory video) this is the second clip that I have officially brought out, and a very, very important one indeed.

I always take the time to consider the content and the timing of it before sharing it. This content has taken a few times to film and express properly.

Please feel free to share this link with others if you feel inclined.

(Oh and you may hear a slight gush of a rain storm in the background, sorry, nature is nature :))

Aliki x

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