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Advanced Energy Medicine, the 12 Chakras & The Evolving You.

The rate of expansion in consciousness has quickened over the last 8 years. The way in which we process information is changing. It can feel to many as if time has sped up, that the world feels like it's spinning faster, that they have more to manage, and less time in which to do so.

Many are questioning their lives in which they have constructed around them, their identity and even their work choices. It is a very confusing time when a person awakens. So what does it mean to awaken?

Awakening is an expansion of consciousness. It is the moving from seeing the world in its basic three dimensional format to a broader, deeper, understanding of becoming aware to the notion that there is more than just what we are shown or believe to be as reality. How one awakens is not a formatted process however there is a perturbation that occurs on all levels with an individual.

There are those whom are experiencing body ailments or symptoms that they aren’t able to have an explanation for, nor connect the dots from its experience to see a bigger picture prognosis on what is taking place within them. ​Many seek treatments focusing solely on the physical aspects of recovery, seeking out "body work" that only focuses on the physical structure of the body, however, that in itself is not the only answer for every person, without considering that the missing link to accelerating the effectiveness of recovery, could be due to the lack of attention to the Mental Body, Emotional Body and/or the Spiritual Body

​Whilst others are awakening through experiencing unusual body ailments, or major health concerns, many are having deep soul and intense energetic heart connections with others. This can happen to anyone, even whilst in a already established relationship. These connections are happening all over the planet, through chance meetings, extraordinary circumstances, and via distances online. Whether single, partnered, married, lovers or friends, these connections are happening, irrespective of what a person strongly believes,  morality, culture or biblical values dictate.

Apart from those experiencing body issues and connections, others may be just feeling out of sorts without any informative understanding as to why, leading them to often feeling depressed, lost and frustrated in not being able to put into language or communicate what is really  going on inside them. They just don't feel right and aren't sure why, adding to the confusion of their internal processing. Some may also come to a point where they realise that their unhealthy habits or life style choices are no longer the life they want to live or the person they want to be.


This point in time on the planet, is a pinnacle time in humanity, due to the evolution of the 7 chakra system to an updated 12 chakra system. Among these additional 5 chakras are 2 which have been dormant and the 3 that are new reside within the Etheric body, and will activate in an individual to a fully operational 12 chakra system. The Human Energy Field consists of energy layers that interconnect and communicate with each other for a harmonious well-being. One of these layers is the Etheric Layer. Within this layer, is all  the information about you and your body. 

​It is the blueprint of your physical body, including anatomy and organs and can be likened to a circuit board. The etheric body is composed of a current of energy veins known as Meridians. These meridians move as a force in constant motion in the appearance of vein like energy lines that form a matrix. 

During this transition not everyone evolves to the full 12 chakras at the same time.  Each individual will experience the process uniquely as the 5 additional chakras activate depending on their own personal evolution and development. The additional 5 chakras are contained within the etheric blue print, not outside of it. As they become active, it can be a confusing time in ones inner world and outer world, as to the effects being linked to unusual body symptoms and personal experiences. This is because the consciousness and physical body of an individual is seeking expansion, bringing information towards them from their higher selves to align their physical body with the opened influx of additional energy so as to bridge it to their outer world, to enhance life's existence to an elevated experience. ​It is essentially updating and evolving a person's old form of self to a whole new functioning energy system.

To give you an example of this, if you can imagine an old circuit board that is overloaded by attempting to regulate more electricity. It needs to be able to be the right system to be able to hold the current and circulate the power effectively otherwise… boom… it trips the circuitry.  Therefore if you apply that same concept to the human body, adjustments need to take place in order to allow for the energy flow through the meridians and chakras effectively. Consider also that emotional energy is a contributing factor that can clog the circuitry, and with no release point, becomes stored within different parts of the body.  Science shows the physical body has its own muscle memory or cellular memory that can translate to health and physical ailment. It is possible to lift, clear and release this energy and in doing so enables optimal functioning of the energy system.  

It is important that during this time, a person seeks the right information, guidance, assistance and understanding for what is occurring. Transitioning into a more superior energy system is not going to be easy for some. Many will struggle with the loss of the old self, feeling an internal battle take place between the old self dying and the new wanting to emerge. 

Each individual on the planet must eventually go through this process at some point to then in the future be a humanity that runs on a higher consciousness and a fully operational 12 chakra system.   

For those whom have a concrete mind, that struggle to identify with energy, consciousness and thinking outside of three dimensional reality will struggle the most with the process.  Belief systems play a large part in determining how easily one will transition. Dropping of old belief systems is an important part in the process. This may require an experienced practitioner to talk things out with and assist with organising the energies around a person. 

There are children who are now coming through who have full 12 chakras. They are part of the shift into the new humanity meta human consciousness. Most of these children are so highly functional and will display traits that seem to be "peculiar" or have a whole different type of emotional processing. Some display signs of appearing clairvoyant or even gifted, however, it is important to understand that children are already in an altered stated of consciousness so the additional 5 will be functional yet not to full capacity until a healthy level of physical and cognitive development is cemented first.

Enter Advanced Energy Medicine...

What I offer as a healer is something that unique, which stands alone from the varying types of energetic therapies. What makes my work much more advanced or superior is that it works in alignment with the new 12 chakra System. It is a successful method that is designed to assist the transition into the new 12 chakra system, and the evolution and expansion of higher consciousness with the new relationship template that is taking place within humanity. ​​This is why many other healing modalities that work with a 7 chakra system are no longer as effective and are becoming dated. 

The core focus is on the etheric layer. All well-being problems manifest first in the etheric body then filters down into the physical body and into three dimensional reality. Within the etheric layer is a meridian system that differs from that of the physical body. These are not the same meridians referred to in Chinese therapies. These meridians can become clogged, resulting in all sorts of mental, emotional, physical symptoms and can even prevent ones own ability to create or manifest their reality. By opening up and unblocking the meridians through the means of touching lightly on specific points along the body, it corrects the circulatory flow of energy, and the communication between all the energy layers, resulting in increased well-being and lifestyle changes.  In support of the activation of the additional 5 chakras, this modality is designed specifically for those whom already have 12 chakras and those whom have begun the process of the activation of the additional chakras. It is normally upon the beginning of the additional chakras opening, being the 8th and the 9th that a person starts to seek out more assistance. Contained in the etheric body are holographic type sheath layers that store "programming" which are linked to a persons beliefs or habitual behaviour patterns resulting in either a positive or negative impact on a person. If this programming is the main one that is running a persons choices, then it can impact the quality of life they are living. Removal of negative programs can help align a person with what is necessary to move forward in life.

Apart from the above it also focuses on balancing the masculine and feminine energies so as to form a stronger constitution of internal harmony. During a session the flow of these two energies are aligned. Depending on each person, the amount of sessions will vary until this becomes a new template of balance within all the energy bodies.  

The Importance of Balancing the Masculine and Feminine Energies

A common symptom in today’s society is the imbalance of the Masculine and the Feminine energies within an individual. 

Most people are not aware that just by balancing these energies, one can create a shift in one’s own personality and how they interact within themselves and with the opposite or same sex, regardless of what your sexual preferences are.

It's important to understand that irrespective of a person's sexual orientation or gender, that they will have problems with either of the energies if they are not balanced within ones self first. A person will come to the point where if they are to experience connection with another, or have healthy relationships, this must be addressed. Many will not even perhaps be aware that this imbalance is occurring.

​All of us contain the combination of the two energies, however, if you can imagine a scale where one side is the masculine and the other feminine, one can imbalance and overshadow the other. A most common symptom in women experiencing an overbalance from being too much in their masculine, is known as over- functioning. The most common symptom in men not embracing their feminine is their inability to actually allow themselves to be vulnerable, feel and express.

What are the Effects of Energy Medicine and What Can it Do for You?

Not only is this working to assist you evolve, but, it has shown improved results with illness, pain, or other body conditions. Many show significant improvement in conditions from just one session, bringing something that may have had a pain reading of an 8/10 down to a 3/10. Others only once questioned, are prompted to remember the pain they once came in with, to then realise to their own amazement, that they no longer have that pain and had forgotten that it had existed all together. During a session you may experience sensations in the body, or nothing at all. Some experience a delay in sensations and have them after they have left. Each person is unique. 

If they are experiencing body ailments, their condition may improve straight away, or within a particular time frame gradually where a person will happen to realise that a particular symptom is no longer present. The experience a person has is intimately and uniquely relative to that individual.

Energy medicine could be a way of treatment that you may have not yet considered.  The type of energy medicine I perform, can be used to work collaboratively with other methods you may be already engaged with to fill in the missing piece of the puzzle.

Because of its effects on the lymphatic system and increasing the circulation, a change in  metabolism can occur thus creating a detoxifying and cleansing affect. This makes it a helpful therapeutic tool to use to combat weight reduction.

Emotionally and mentally it has a tremendous lightening affect, and is capable of reducing stress, anxiety, anger, sadness, despair, depression, hopelessness and increasing self-esteem and personal awareness and responsibility of ones own life.

It can strengthen the connection with your higher self therefore enabling you to develop self trust in how you deal with situations that come up in life. Creativity / intuitive abilities can become enhanced, more higher vibrational thought patterns and it can increase ones own desire of manifestation and achievement.

Relationships can improve as communications and language can change, and how you may have been held back in the past by failures can also shift and change. You may find yourself becoming more fully self-expressed instead of suppressing aspects of yourself.

Finding the right help is important

As mentioned most will not know what is going on internally to even know what they may need. They will normally go through the protocols to seeking out mainstream therapy that has its place, yet speaking from experience, most will find it difficult to open up in the way and be understood in the depth that is required. It takes a different type of listening and information for a person who is going through this transitional time. They may go about seeking and sourcing out many different types of therapies before they come across the right fit. Please understand there are many different levels of energy workers that range from light work to technical deep advanced healing. Most of the time the general public have no way of knowing where to source or find this type of specialised energy medicine. Most will not fully understand the intricacies of the variance from energy worker to energy worker therefore educating people on the differences is key. As there are feel-good relaxing massages, there are also feel-good healing modalities, but, as there are deeper types of therapeutic massages, there are much more advanced modalities and healers.  

Awareness is the First Step to Greater Understanding

Being aware of what is taking place can set wheels in motion for having the piece of the puzzle come together. The first thing to remember that this is a process, and nothing changes overnight. Giving yourself time to evolve is an important part of self care. So remember you are moving into a newer updated version of yourself.

Aliki Nektaria


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