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Health & Wellness Recovery

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intergrative support

When we are in pain or dealing with our body, it leaves very little to the other areas of life or self that make up consciousness.  Life becomes about coping with survival.  Our value system changes and the basis of life becomes circled and focused around the consciousness of coping.

The impact that unwellness has isn’t just on self but on everything and everyone around us.  It is a huge game changer. And it's so hard to accept and process when it is happening all at once.

Health is such a sensitive topic and everyone has a very different way of dealing with it. It can be very traumatic in ways a person could not begin to imagine.

We really are very fragile and vulnerable beings and having support around illness or recovery or simply needing someone to just talk to and listen and feel more at ease and calm whilst undergoing care can be beneficial.


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In my working with individuals over the years I have assisted those who are terminally ill in helping them feel comfortable with the process of crossing over and bringing a level of completeness in regards to being able to accept and grieve the process of what has occurred to them.

building empowerment

These sessions are very much tailored to each person's needs.  Each person’s case will vary in severity. 

This is a very personalized approach and there is care and preparation taken to ensure that we are on the same page as to what is possible for you.

This is not a guarantee by any means that an instantaneous result will manifest however it’s a willingness to be open minded and discover what can come from this as an additional benefit.

The mind and body connection is something that we all can forget and take for granted from time to time and it's about creating a heightened awareness to reconnect and enhance this process with the other energy bodies that add to your body's biofield system. 

Hypnotherapy, Energy Medicine, Mentoring, Coaching and Counselling are all used in this process.

Some cases may require more Hypnotherapy than Energy Medicine or vice versa. That is determined each time as we progress at the pace that you set for yourself.

It is important to remember that you are empowered in these sessions to give yourself the experience that you wish.

to enhance the process

It is recommended that you provide:

A timeline of events on your illness

Any psychological support or care provided

A briefing of recent test results or body treatments

Any ongoing medication prescribed or personally taken

 Any ongoing body treatments or physical adjustments

 Any specific nutrition or diet provided

Making the commitment