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4 x 2 Hour Sessions

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Feeling feminine can be difficult with the pressures of life and health as we age...

As a woman, lets face it, going through a menstrual cycle, getting pregnant, giving birth and going through menopause isn't a smooth transition for many. It can leave us feeling out of touch from who we are. Dealing with any body issues can create additional stress. These sessions are designed to assist with the female energies and the bringing the body into a natural energy flow again.

What to consider

There may be biological or chemical imbalances that can also be a contributing factor. If this cycle has extended for long period of time, often one turns to medications in order to deal with it as a short-term solution to get on with things that they need to cope with in the day-to-day functioning. Whilst that may be supportive in the immediate, the real emotional issues haven’t been addressed which may lead to other areas of life being affected over time

​The Process

There is an online form to complete in order for me to profile the energies around you. The sessions always begin with Counselling, Coaching and Guidance so as to determine what you want from the sessions and begin creating long-term consistent change on a new pathway forward.  The counselling also transitions you into being ready for the Therapy. The therapy is related to what is required for you to return you to a new place of feeling creative about you and the possibilities of your life again. These sessions may be a combination of Energy Medicine Therapy or Hypnotherapy as they both contribute in very different ways in being able to reach the levels that are required. 

How many sessions? 

There are 4 x 2 Hour Sessions. Depending on the circumstances and the person, additional sessions may be required on a case-by-case basis. 


How often are the sessions?

2 weeks apart unless otherwise stated.  

What should I do after the session?

After care is an important part of the process. You have already taken all the steps to have the session, now its about making the room in your lifestyle for the shifts and changes to occur. ​

When is the best time to start the process?

This will take making some room in your schedule where you aren't distracted by holidays or big events, that are going to derail your focus, commitment and progress to the results you desire. The change you require may be followed by big changes in lifestyle choices and facing some decisions you need to make. This is your time to create a new you. Before these sessions, it is best to start limiting alcohol consumption where possible up to 1 week prior to your Initial session and 1 week after each session. This is to ensure that the body can do what is required without additional influences.  

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