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My husband went to Aliki based on a recommendation from a friend. I had my hesitations but we were desperate as he was dealing with some addiction issues that he had been trying to battle with for a very long time. He had seen other hypnotherapist but to no avail. After he had seen Aliki (even after the first time) it made a massive difference. I decided I was going to see her myself. During that first session I felt an instant connection with Aliki and felt that she was the real deal. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her to other people whether it be for hypnotherapy or healing. 

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Fatima, Business Professional


Hi Aliki, This is my feedback for you 😍 In the past few years, I was feeling that I needed to achieve some goals in my career and personal life. I was aware of my current situation and at the same time I wanted to achieve my potential, there was a gap in between, to move towards my dreams I needed to learn how to be in tune with my inner power. Aliki was instrumental for me to learn how to believe in my intuition and create boundaries with some people to be able to grow and achieve my dreams on my terms. She helped me to unlock my true potential. Thanks for your help.

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Vera, Fitness Professional

I’d like to let the people whom are going to read this know, that a personal development path isn’t an easy one. I’m not going to lie. But, it’s definitely an eye, soul and path opener. I haven’t even scratched the surface of it yet with Aliki, but throughout these past 2 months, letting my emotions run free while we’re in a session has been the best gift I’ve given to myself. Ever! If you’re ready to put the work in, there’s no better person to trust this process with. Thank you Aliki for your help so far, and for the help you’ll be giving me in the future as well. Looking forward to unloading and unlocking whatever else arises✨ 

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My partner had been advising me to book an appointment with Aliki for quite some time for many different reasons, mostly because I was an emotional rollercoaster, but I don’t like to discuss with anyone what’s going on in my head so it festers up inside and comes out in different ways. Even though she highly recommended her as the best person to see, I kept palming it off as I thought I didn’t need healing I just needed to get over these things myself. After a while my tummy started to swell and caused discomfort, after trips to a doctor, hospital and naturopath, I couldn’t seem to find an answer. I booked in with Aliki. After my first session with her, I knew that the real reason I was guided to her was what was going on in my mind and with my feelings. She did some hypnotherapy which was a lovely journey to take and after I had many different emotions leading me to feel light and bubbly and I had amazing spiritual dreams, I also had two dreams about Aliki. She also did energy clearing with me in which she cleared out anger. I came to realise my tummy problems are related to my emotions and my swelling has now went down since she cleared away the anger. She also helped me to understand myself a little bit more, she is very intuitive and switched on and really knows what she is doing, she picked up on some past issues like self harm and some other things I then told her about some past experiences throughout my life including one about 4 years ago which I never really told anyone, and instantly I felt lighter, she really helped me throw these experiences and the people and the feelings far away during hypnotherapy. I really enjoyed just chatting to her and telling her things, she is a really good listener and has no judgement at all. She has helped me overcome some fears that I have and to process things differently. Even just her wise advice has learnt me to not let past experiences and dreams affect me the way they used to, I feel like her work has matured me in a way! Aliki is amazing at what she does, I can’t recommend her enough. No matter what the problem is, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually or even if you have no problems at all and just would like some energy work done or hypnotherapy, I guarantee you will feel wonderful after it. I will definitely be back. She is a wonderful soul that can do wonderful things to yours.



"Mother", Professional


Aliki was recommended to my daughter and I through her own work colleague. Her words were, "She doesn't need me, she needs Aliki!" 


We had been struggling with our daughter's anxiety for years. Getting to school had become an issue and our daughter had tried many paid and unpaid avenues to help her anxiety. To be honest I was willing to try anyone and anything.


When I came into the room after my daughter's first session with Aliki, I cried! My daughter's whole face looked relieved and I just knew we'd found the help we needed.


Aliki works in a way like no other. She is gentle and caring, tough and strong and so many things beyond. I can't recommend her highly enough.


Our daughter attends school and still checks in with Aliki whenever she feels she needs to. I'm now seeing Aliki myself!

(Daughter's testimonial below.)


"Daughter", Student


When I first meet Aliki I was at my lowest. I found it hard to find reasons to get myself out of bed in the morning and I didn’t understand myself. I couldn’t even make a full day of school.


The first session I had with Aliki we just spoke the whole time. I had never felt so comfortable with anyone, especially a person I had only just met. It was the first time I felt someone really understood what I was going through and it was the first time I felt as though I could get out of the place I was in.


I didn’t understand myself, but, she understood me and taught me how to understand myself. If it wasn’t for Aliki I wouldn’t be where I am today. Every time I have a session I get excited.


Unlike many people before her, when I speak to Aliki I know she isn’t judging me which allows me to open up to her. Thank you so much Aliki for everything you have done for me.


If I could recommend you to everyone in the world I would.

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Rita, Mother

I have been seeing Aliki for the past 6 months, I have been on a path trying to figure myself out for many years along side many professionals and other healers.


I have not come across anyone like Aliki who has not only helped me heal but has helped me quit smoking which has been a bad habit of mine for over 30 years. I never thought I could ever quit smoking like most people but with Aliki's assistance she made it possible.


It wasn’t just quitting smoking that shocked me but it was the fact that it actually feels like I’ve never smoked before.


It has given me a sense of freedom and it also helped my daughter quit smoking.


Aliki has also helped me greatly with my menopause which I also can’t thank her enough for some of the reliefs she has given me.


I highly recommend Aliki and I look forward to continuing my journey with her.



Lyn, Professional


I started sessions with Aliki in December 2018. The modalities used included Meridian Energetics® , Hypnotherapy and psychic surgery.

My initial impression of Aliki was her gentle and serene presence, her complete lack of judgement and her empathy. At the same time she also has a no bull-shit attitude and will call you on your shit but only when you are energetically ready to hear it. I immediately felt comfortable enough with her to reveal my deepest darkest shadow self.

All my sessions were done via Skype but that did not seem to detract from her ability to ‘pick’ up my energy with extreme accuracy.  The meridian energetic healing she ‘hit’ me with sent shock waves from the tips of my shoulders down both sides of my body. Woah!! I couldn’t believe it, this was on Skype!!

She performed psychic surgery on me and I could actually ‘feel’ her working inside my body.

She picked up the partial mastectomy surgery I had on my left breast and cleared it. That night I had a dream that a huge fly had been surgically removed from my left breast.

She picked up and cleared trauma in my pelvic area, caused by the traumatic birth of my first child.

She picked up a self harm scar on my left wrist and cleared it.

Previous to working with Aliki I had some past life work done, I ‘saw’ myself murdered by my husband from a previous incarnation by an axe through the chest. She picked that up and cleared the energy from that trauma that was stuck in my Etheric body.

Through the hypnotherapy sessions we worked on some major grief issues that I had in separating from a soul connection and also some addiction issues.
In conclusion I feel Aliki has played an integral part in my healing and spiritual journey and I highly recommend her services.

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S, Business Owner

Hi Aliki - I just wanted to give you some feed back on our sessions. First off I just want to say thank you on the amazing work you are doing. I’ll be forever grateful.
I’m not sure where to start with all the transformations I’ve been going through since meeting you in late March 2018. 

I have one big session that stands out. This day I had an energy session with you and you had told me my right ovary didn’t look to good and had done some work to try fix it. At this point I had not made you aware that I hadn’t had my period in 83 days. I didn’t think much more about it until that evening when I felt very sick. In a short space of time I felt bloated, I was very uncomfortable and began to feel like puking. I got a sharp pain in my stomach that lasted about 30 minutes. After lying down and resting for an hour or so I felt like it had pasted. Then suddenly my period arrived. 

After this happened I thought maybe it was just a coincidence. I didn’t think much more into it until my next cycle. It went for 64 days. I finally gave in and went to see a doctor. After lots of scans, blood tests and ultrasounds they found 12 cysts on my right ovary and I was diagnosed with PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) 
So on my next cycle, I was on day 71 and still no period. I came to see you again. I knew I needed some energy work. After that session 2 days later my period arrived. 

I’m not even slightly sceptical anymore that your energy work is helping me with my PCOS. I’m so glad your healing hands can help me recover from this. YOU'RE AMAZING.

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After yet another argument with my partner after I had consumed copious amount of wine.. I reached a point in my life where I finally took a good hard look at who I thought  I was and what my behaviour doing to my relationship. 
I was not happy and something told me to find  a way to heal myself. I really did know the real me was hurting but didn't know why.

I didn't really know where to start...

I searched 'healing  'close to my location'...

I found Aliki path clearer more and felt connected /drawn to see her.  
The minute I walked into the beautiful space of her practice I knew I was in the right place.

I had  never experienced hypnotherapy and didn't know what to expect ...all i did know was i trusted the process and felt safe to allow myself to fully participate in the sessions.

To describe the physical and emotional reaction is hard to put into words .... to me its been a true awakening of my being as a woman now full of self acceptance.

Aliki is so gifted, caring, loving, honest and passionate in her work. I'm eternally grateful and inspired.

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Nicholas S., Student/Artist


My journey with Aliki started at a very crucial junction in my life. I had always been a seeker, looking to understand and improve myself and keep “waking up”. As a result I have done countless courses and many books as well as explored different modalities to help self-actualise and overcome all my crippling self doubt, severe lack of self esteem and insecurities. 

I was quite lost in my career path as a result, after awakening to all the things I was doing wrong in my life, and dismantling old belief systems - I was almost suicidal, with a previous counsellor deeming me beyond help and “really f*cked up.” I was certainly blocked and completely not in tune with my intuition and lacked conviction - scared of making definitive choices.

My career was very muddled, I have always been creative and having spent the last several years in the performing arts I had no direction and was full of fear and trepidation with what to do next and plunging into doing what I actually REALLY wanting to do - to be an artist, specifically a painter. 

Overtime, with her firm and guiding hand we built up my confidence again, and trust (severely shattered with my previous counsellor), worked on healing past unresolved childhood traumas, which developed patterns of ways of being, well into adulthood, and were the causes of my anxiety and depression. 

It’s hard to say which one particular modality that we worked on was the key “healing” point, but luckily she’s well trained in hypnosis (she certainly fixed my manic addiction to sugar), overall counselling and energetic healing that each session utilised a combination of two or all of these. A framework of safety and overall well-being and care of the client post session, was paramount in her practice. 

Working with Aliki was the key shifting point in which I had spent several years directionless in regards to even looking at a potential visual arts career, (only dabbling in my sketchbook and small pieces, not showing the world my work.) to the year I brazenly, (after the fourth session with her) - took the leap and announced publicly my intention of having my first solo art show, then booked a gallery space, locking down an art teacher to teach me the techniques of oil painting), organising my own press and marketing to finally putting together a 12 piece show of large scale art paintings, selling nearly half. 

I was hooked - it became clear as day the flow in it all (still wasn’t easy - by any means!) but together we had built a framework of how to organize my life and just simplify. With “spiritual” work, one can get caught up in the pondering's and navel gazing but at the end of the day you need to shift past that, end that running story loop that keeps stopping you and just tackle the basic nuts and bolts of Real world responsibility! 

Aliki helped me with a program of clearing what was essentially not important or low priority in regards to energetic expenditure and to really focus with 100 percent clarity on what was really important. Things weren’t easy of course and time and again I was given a kick up the butt, and fights were had and tears were shed but ultimately it was about letting go of the self sabotaging old programming and stepping into my new purposeful self. 

Fast forward another 12 months and I have since completed my second solo art show (basically using the same template and approach in how I conducted my first), was asked to participate in a prestigious Interior Design Project, and I’m currently now working on a few private commissions. 

I'd say it’s been over six months since my fortnightly coaching/counselling sessions with Aliki, but her grounding work has got me to a place where I am now 100% confident with my choices and my intuition is much sharper. The trouble with other guru’s/teachers/coaches is the dependence/or need of affirmation from them that can sometimes develop and inevitably, become very toxic. Aliki leaves you strong on your feet and completely Independent, with the knowledge that at the end of the day YOU are your own teacher. But it takes a tonne of work to get to this place and that’s where Aliki comes in.

Aliki is not for the faint of heart. She is tough and won’t shy from delivering the hard truth that one needs to face. But supporting all that, is empathy and genuine concern for your well-being. She will hold your hand till the point that you’re ready to do it on your own if you let her. If you are at that next stage in your life or career and need that extra firm nudge, then a coach in Aliki could be very beneficial. Or if you are just wanting general energetic work, hypnotherapy or counselling then I still highly recommend her. My rapid accomplishments in the past 24 months, my current way of being and how I see the world - I credit a lot, to her work with me. 

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K, Professional


Aliki saved my life. After living in an emotionally abusive marriage for so long I didn’t believe there was a way out, a way to my own happiness until I met Aliki. What she did for me was to create a miracle in my heart. She sat with me with the most empathy and kindness I have ever known in a person, in the deepest, darkest places within my soul until I could release all that was holding me back from walking my life path with joy and freedom. She held the light of hope and faith and trust until my life was completely transformed. She is extremely skilled in her work as a Hypnotherapist, Healer, and Counsellor. I will always be grateful to Aliki for giving me my life, health, and my heart back. If you need a miracle to occur in your life, Aliki is the one to see.


Mary L., Practitioner


I first went to see Aliki to help me with my fertility.  In my late thirties and early forties I unexpectedly found myself experiencing fertility issues and by my mid forties I was on my fifth round of IVF.  It was a complete surprise to me to be in this position as I never had issues conceiving.  When I spoke to Aliki about going through yet another round of IVF (we had decided it was going to be the last round of IVF), said that she could help me using something called Meridian Energetics.  I hadn’t heard of Meridian Energetics and whilst I didn’t quite know what it was nor understood it, it felt like the right choice for me.  During the first session, I felt some major changes happening and noticed some shifts not just in my energy but also in my physical body.  After our first session, I had my embryo transfer and about a week later, we had another session.  Within a few days after that, I received the wonderful news that I was pregnant.  After 10 years of wanting to get pregnant it finally happened.  I was overjoyed and a little panicked.
Aliki was with me every step of the way for my pregnancy.  The Meridian Energetics sessions helped to keep my mind and body in great condition.  The sessions felt like a safety net, something that could catch me if I was travelling too high and lost my balance.  It was very reassuring to know that I had this wonderful healing available to me when I needed it.  During my pregnancy I had no complications which was quite an achievement as I had previously had 3 miscarriages and a still birth and I have an underlying blood disorder.  I delivered a healthy baby that was full term naturally with no drugs and minimal intervention.
Aliki is a very skilled practitioner who is passionate about helping people and will seek out the most suitable way to get the best outcome for you.  She is able to cut through all the smoke and mirrors of what you think is happening and get to the real issue of what’s going on and then work with you to fix it.  I cannot thank her enough for what she has done for me and my family.

Cloudy Mountaintop


Marissa, Professional


I have had the pleasure of working alongside Aliki over the past 2 months as she has been trying to assist me in this journey we call life. 

It has opened up my eyes to the possibilities that I never knew existed and it is all to do with energetic medicine. You are all probably thinking, " What the hell is that?" well let me tell you I was the same. It has taken about 4 visits to actually understand the process. Aliki is very unique, she is very different and she works on the energy that my body emits. She has opened up a whole new world for me with the way she uses her healing powers.

At first I thought what the heck have I got myself in for. But it is all in alignment for me. I am now understanding alot more about it and I would suggest that you allow her to work her magic on you and for you to see the difference.  Aliki The Path Clearer, is moving me into a newer version of me. 

Aliki works in Maroubra, on Malabar Road. Everything is explained to you on arrival, she also counsels you, empathises and has a real sense of who you are as her senses are heightened. If you have any health concerns that you want assistance with, take a chance on her and see what she can do for you. I just ask you visit her with an open mind to learning a new way of healing your body.

Aurelia Jellyfish


Aleksander, Professional


I have asked Aliki to help me finding my way forward as I had a sense of direction lost. I wasn't depressed or in any kind of trouble, just didn't know where to focus my energy to use my talents and make sense of my life.

This kind of situations are usually more convoluted as it looks on the surface. Aliki was really helpful to identify and unscramble blockades I was carrying forward from my earlier life situations, including relationships, and helped me gently resuming my power and authority over my life. She was using Hypnotherapy and Meridian Energetics healing approach simultaneously which produces amazing results.

In my perception, there was surface and very deep healing going on at the same time, resulting in an instantly different feeling about myself but also in a gentle shift of my life direction.  I was able to decide my further steps with confidence and starting to regain my long lost passion for life, Which is such a great present!  

Thank you, Aliki, I will surely ask you for your help if I ever feel stuck again. Good luck with your healing practice, you a definitely helping a lot of people.



Sharon O., Business Owner


Thank you Aliki.

I love your blend of counselling, hypnotherapy and energy work combined.

You are highly intuitive! It was like I had another pair of eyes to see into my shadow self and highlight the areas that I needed to work on to enable me to shift. You were spot on every time and you've helped me to shift into becoming more focused and determined to achieve my goals.

The energy work was amazing. I could feel you working in my body and feel the energy flowing in a balanced way. I was left energised and filled with light towards the end and felt like I could have floated away. I was still in a blissful state days after our session.

Forest Path


Toni M., Professional


I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Aliki to help with giving up smoking and in general to help put yourself onto the path that is right for you.

I first went to Aliki in July of 2017 because I had taken up smoking again full-time after many years of being a very intermittent smoker.


Despite the fact that I gave in to temptation once during the three-session process, Aliki’s confidence in my ability to recover and progress has meant that I still, almost one year later, have felt no need to take another puff. This is despite subsequently exposing myself to many smoking “triggers”.

Further sessions with Aliki to assist with ongoing pain from injury has also been helpful and I have found her calm and thoughtful way of discussing issues with me invaluable in making life changes that have been for the better. 



Kathy, Professional


After spending a considerable amount of time feeling stuck in the past and holding onto grief, I knew I needed to make changes but did not know where to start. My quest to find answers lead me to Aliki, who immediately identified the blocks that were stopping me from moving forward in my life. Aliki’s insight also allowed me to understand the changes taking place on a soul level and guided me to a place of renewed hope and positivity about the future.

With an honest, compassionate and nurturing approach, Aliki provided a supportive environment for change to occur and for healing to take place.

Aliki’s passion for guiding people to live an authentic life came through in all my interactions with her. I am thankful that we crossed paths – I now feel empowered to make positive changes and look forward to a bright future.

Beautiful Landscape


Dianne K., Professional


When Aliki spoke to me about hypnotherapy helping me to stop smoking I was initially skeptical, but agreed to give it ago as I was willing to try anything. You see, I was a seasoned smoker for 35 years, I had previously stopped for 12 month periods three times but always took it back up again. I have two young granddaughters (3yrs & 9mths) and I want to be there to watch them grow up and keep up with them.

I went to my first session not really knowing what to expect, I took my packet of cigarettes with me and was very nervous. At the end of the session I threw my cigarettes in the bin and haven't smoked since, that was two months ago. Aliki has been fabulous and very supportive, she has also guided me through emotional eating as I replaced my cigarettes with food. I now don't crave cigarettes or junk food and I am now trying to get healthy. Thanks Aliki.

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Amir, Annonymous

Thanks for checking in and asking, the experience I had with you that day was awakening in many ways, my issues with my father was what brought me to you and you helped me see deeply into it but what really made me value the session was knowing more about our    subconscious mind and how to access it and connect in a spiritual level to improve our lives.

Since then I took interested in knowing more about that and did a lot of researches and got a couple of books that you may have read, and I'm slowly getting to know more about this interesting part of life that I wasn't aware of. 

With that being said I'm immensely grateful to you for your help, it was an eye opening experience and I'm so glad I came and visited you, you are offering such a useful service to the world.




​I visited Aliki for help in moving through some grief that I felt I had been stuck in regarding a past romantic relationship. I had heard about Aliki’s healing work from a friend who had experienced a great result in overcoming a phobia, thanks to Aliki’s hypnotherapy.

Being a gay woman I was a little apprehensive about seeing a healer I didn’t know, especially for a relationship issue, because based on past experiences, you never know if the healer will be homophobic and/or try to tell you that your sexuality is somehow ‘wrong’ or the ‘problem’, instead of focusing on helping you with the actual issue that you want to see them about.

I was very relieved that Aliki was intelligent and wise enough to just accept me as I am: she worked with my relationship grief with the same respect that I’m sure she would have shown if my relationship had been a heterosexual one. 

​Aliki’s hypnotherapy session turned out to be very powerful for me. Aliki created a safe and accepting space for me to release deep emotions that I had been holding about the relationship.

​I felt completely different afterwards. No longer weighed down by deep recurring sadness, frustration and confusion about the loss of the relationship, I have felt so much better and have had so much more energy to appreciate and engage more whole heartedly with people and activities that I really love and enjoy in my life. I’ve felt so much happier and free-er of the emotional intensity that I had been carrying and I am so very thankful to Aliki for that. I would recommend Aliki’s hypnotherapy to anyone wanting help with shifting deep seated, stubborn issues that haven’t seemed to budge with other methods. Thanks Aliki! 

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My husband went to Aliki based on a recommendation from a friend. I had my hesitations but we were desperate as he was dealing with some addiction issues that he had been trying to battle with for a very long time. He had seen other hypnotherapist but to no avail. After he had seen Aliki (even after the first time) it made a massive difference. I decided I was going to see her myself. During that first session I felt an instant connection with Aliki and felt that she was the real deal. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her to other people whether it be for hypnotherapy or healing.

White Branch

Nicole H., Professional


I have known Aliki for a few years and have been lucky enough to have her help me with quite a few things (both physical & emotional), using hypnotherapy, counselling, and more recently Meridian Energetics. 

I recently went to see Aliki as I had broken out into a very itchy rash all over both hands, front and back, including the palms of my hands which I had never experienced before.  I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why this was happening (was it an allergy or some emotional trigger around relationships or my path)?  She did the meridian energetics healing with me and after the first time, the intense heat was removed so I did feel some relief straight away. To be honest, I didn’t know if it would work for me.

I mean, I know & trust Aliki, but I still​ sort of thought some things just don’t work for me & sometimes one person is perfect to help one person but not another, so maybe working with  Aliki won’t be the right fit for me. We had 2 other sessions to clear it properly and now my hands are nearly back to normal.

I have done a lot of personal development work, both at courses, different healing modalities, and just my own meditations & reflections to see how I could assist myself by looking within rather than searching for someone to ‘fix me’ which has come up a lot in the past for me.  And Aliki has encouraged my decisions & also stepped in when she felt she needed to for my highest good. The above experience being a perfect example of that. We worked together to heal what was going on as well as her encouraging me to go within and find answers.

It's been a really special journey actually. I’ve been working with Aliki on and off for a few years now so sometimes what I’m going to see her for feels easy & quick & I get immediate relief & comfort, and sometimes it’s really challenging and I fight against it, and my beliefs definitely come up to challenge what she’s offering.

But I have found that regardless of how I feel, and what ‘happens’, she comes from a place of such integrity, love, higher perspective & respect for each individuals journey that I absolutely know she’ll put my highest good at the top of everything else, including upsetting me or challenging me. And for that I am so grateful, there are not many people in this world that will do that, for their loved ones or complete strangers.  We are so conditioned to not rock the boat, and to be liked by everyone! 

I  have experienced so much with Aliki, she has encouraged me to learn about so many new things – things like different energies, different ways of ‘being’, really giving myself space & time alone to reflect & grow, the power of discernment & grace, to name a few.  My journey of self awareness & growth will never end, and I count myself very very lucky indeed to have found Aliki and know she will support me for a long time to come.

She cares deeply about the work she does for each person and I feel that love, support, empowerment & strength when I’m working with her.  Highly recommending her to you is an understatement. You will definitely get so much more than you bargained for.  I encourage you wholeheartedly.

Green Field



I visited Aliki to help me lose weight. I have battled with my weight most of my teens and adult life. I tried every diet known to man, starved myself, over exercised and pretty much abused my body. Aliki helped me become in tune with WHY I made the food and lifestyle choices I was making and how to change my way of thinking about food and exercise. I have lost 11 kg to date. Aliki helped me create a healthy mindset in relation to my body and mind, which in turn helped me start losing weight for the long term. 

Throughout my journey with her, I also overcame the underlying anxiety I had held on to from a previous relationship and my anxiety in general, stopped smoking and became more aware of how I think and feel and started to be more in tune with myself. 
​Aliki helped me reach into myself and pull out the strength and answers with her guidance. 

Another great thing about working with Aliki is that when I am having a bad day, week or month, I can meet with her to reinforce everything, sometimes even new issues that arise from everyday life, and again she clears my path and I can go on my way. We are all a work in progress and I wouldn’t be where I am mentally and physically if it wasn’t for her help. I will be forever grateful for all her wisdom and guidance.

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Crystal, Business Owner


Writing this I can feel the emotions, my heart swelling with absolute gratitude from the deepest parts of it that I once only dreamed of reaching. It is quite literally as though I have woken from a dream, where I was living what I thought was just part of life, going through the motions and basically wanting it to end, or change, I guess change doesn't sound so dramatic in this sense. I was at a point where I knew that not living the life I was destined to live was like slowly dying a painful death in this life that was made up for me, by the old me to keep myself safe and accepted. No more. I wanted this dream to end. It was that I needed to change for it to end. So I did the work and I changed. It finally ended and I woke up. Really woke up. 

I found Aliki after trying many other helpful people in the field of spiritual healing.  
Aliki had something the others didn't have, absolute 100% love and dedication to my healing, encased in warm caring energy. Aliki made me feel like I could rely on her, I had not felt this before. She was so strong for me when I really needed her to be, pushed me through my own scary limitations I'd put on myself that was keeping me from living the life I wanted. This was amazing and I found that her holding the space, encased in her energy of true love and care, allowed me to open up deeper and help me to heal. What a gift.

No matter where the session would go or what was going to happen deep in my subconscious, she helped me through and stayed with me the whole way. Helping me face my demons even when I found it extremely hard, she pushed through with me and was my shining light helping me in my darkness. I honestly could not have done this on my own. Aliki knew how to help me, with real effects that I was continuing to see in my daily life weeks and even days after. With no side effects! And if something came up, I would notice it this time and be able to bring it next session.

I am now living a much happier life with out ANY need to go back to my old ways, the "comfort" of the known. I am now ready and EXCITED about the future as I know, REALLY KNOW that I can handle anything and that I am the sole creator of my own experiences. What freedom right there!!! :) With the work I've done with Aliki, I only create forwards bigger, brighter and expansive possibilities and it just keeps get better.

I never actually thought that it could be this easy. But with the right type of person by your side, absolute miracles can occur. Especially when they hold the utmost respect and love for you as a spiritual being in this human life needing a helping hand to rise above the stories we tell ourselves and the lies we are living.

It doesn't have to be this way. It can get better and you can live the life you truly desire.

All you have to do is WAKE UP and make the change......

I truly believe there are people out there that are actually our guardian angels, and are here to help us on a much deeper level than we ourselves know. Aliki is by far one of those angels.

Aliki, may you feel deep in your heart my gratitude towards you, as this is where you are forever in mine.


Brandon, Business Owner


I just want to take this opportunity to express my sincerest gratitude for your guidance today. That was nothing short of a transformational experience! I was feeling pretty emotional afterwards but I feel a lot lighter now. I think the weight will continue to gradually lift as time goes on...

I think it's incredible how you managed to tap straight into my deep psyche and guided me towards the light within an hour of meeting. That's the definitive proof of your ability and I am very glad to have found you. I can't wait to continue this journey of self discovery and healing.

Again, thank you. And I will make sure to speak highly of you and recommend your service to everyone I know. I think everyone can benefit from your amazing healing power. 


Garth, Photographer


I had a Near Death Experience in a major car accident. After the accident I did not know how to comprehend or understand why I had a Near Death Experience and why I had chosen to come back. I was experiencing severe pain and trauma to the right side of my body. 

Having reoccurring neck and back injuries, severe soft tissue injuries for over 13yrs. I had thought that I was always going to experience extreme pain in my body for the rest of my life. Aliki and I worked together very closely, having me come to peace with my Near Dearth Experience, get clarity as to why I was experiencing severe pain in my  body and why I had chosen to come back.

I was able to separate myself from the physical pain I was experiencing in my body, reducing it by 90% from where it was.  I have also come to accept and be at peace with my Near Death Experience and now share it freely with others.  


Natalie, Business Owner


Hypnotherapy was something I had never experienced before and was a little scared and curious.  I feel Aliki offers awareness, presence and understanding in her sessions from the start, which created trust for me to go to depth in an environment that felt safe and secure.  I was able to relax and let go as the guided me through the session.

I have seen other people before for different types of therapy and found the results of just one session of Hypnotherapy to be profound and almost instantaneous.

The Hypnotherapy was not a strain and I did not need to try hard or work anything out, or figure anything out.  it is a relaxing session that has allowed me to access a depth and create an awareness for myself to some of the issues that were likely the cause of what was holding me back in what I was wanting to do in my life.

Days and weeks after the first session, I have continuously noticed incremental changes in myself, through my diet, lifestyle, career and relationships and have also felt an overall greater love and appreciation of myself, life and who I am being.  The results of one session left me inspired to see her again and again to continue to work on and develop myself.  It has given me a new access to understanding and creating further awareness of myself to live an empowered life.


Heather, Business Owner


We know what we know. We know what we don't know. But what about the unknown, the depths we cannot fathom in our consciousness that cause us to react irrationally, to avoid, to fear, to block or drive us to poor decisions?  I had long had a feeling that there was some intangible 'glass cage', some fear that was blocking my path.  I couldn't see or know what it was.  It was just something stopping me from venturing out to fulfil my dreams. 

Aliki instantly connected with those 'deep unknowns'. Through Skype (distance is no barrier) her keen perception of layers of soul energy and consciousness became a shared journey of revelation and healing.  When matters became deep, personal and painful (and even scary) Aliki supported, nurtured and led me through the halls of my life journey. She was also not afraid to challenge my perceptions to lead me to a deeper understanding of who I was, of my essence.  In that, there was freedom.

I am the critical analytical type.  It was with fascination as that part of me watched Aliki at work.  She is truly amazingly perceptive of energy fields, -of the past and present, of the depths and layers. Together we have worked on the healing, the clearing of the path.  I can't say I am there yet, but this life journey is now lighter, more joyful and spontaneous- and I have found my adventurous spirit again.

Reflection Through Broken Glass

Fernanda, Childcare


I was feeling sick and in a great deal of pain for about 6 months. I went to many doctor appointments, did all sorts of exams and no one seemed to be able to figure out what I had. That was when Aliki heard my story through a mutual friend and kindly offered herself to help me.

I must confess I was not a believer of her abilities and just told myself it wouldn't hurt to try. During our session I was holding back most of the time and didn't let myself be fully trusting and present in the experience. At the end of it, she said she didn't get the answers she expected from me. She seemed very certain of what she was saying that I didn't provide her this information but she felt I had a problem in a specific organ. After that I thought to myself that was so weird as I had never experienced any problems in that area. So I just forgot about it. Two months after that I went back home for holidays and decided to go see my doctor. After a long chat and a couple of exams the answer of the mystery was finally uncovered... I felt goose bumps when I read the results... Aliki had called it two months before by only now I could believe it because it was being said by a traditional doctor. 

It was such a powerful experience and I'm very grateful to Aliki both for her amazing talent and also for helping me widen my mind and beliefs.

Image by Ray Hennessy

Sharon, Professional

In October 2012, Aliki did a reading for me on love and relationships.  At that time I was doing online dating and got frustrated to not be able to meet the right one.  I asked her about it, and that it was coming my way very soon, and also some details like, she can see a bridge and the guy is not totally Western nor Asian.

I thought to myself "Really?" With doubt I listened and remembered what she said anyway. I slowed down on dating and just want to make friends with guys now and on 15th December 2012, I was chatting to Phil online on one of the dating sites. We organised to meet on the 16th December, and hit it off that night in a relationship feeling very connected. He's half Asian and half Kiwi. 

Later on Phil surprised me one weekend by driving us to Sydney where he was born proposed on the harbour bridge on the 12th January 2013. Suddenly I was shocked as to how accurate Aliki's reading was. Thanks Aliki.




Dear Aliki,

I would like to express my gratitude towards you helping me in the process of finding employment.   

I was experiencing blocks in this area for some time and only after a few sessions with you I had so many profound insights and the realisation that I wasn't very clear about what I wanted in a job. Just after my first session with you I started to work on a clear list and very soon after I am happy to say I have a new job to look forward to and it is exactly what I wanted. 

I also want to thank you for your commitment as it gave me the confidence and encouragement I needed to get to where I am today. I look forward to continuing working with you in other areas as I can see the value these sessions bring into my life. 

Rustic Beach Path

Anonymous, Business Owner


Thank you Aliki for sharing your special skills with us, helping us with our stress and addiction issues. We consider ourselves lucky to experience relief and the opportunity to move forward in our lives, in such a pleasant and interesting fashion.   


Your gentle, kind approach turned difficult situations into positive rewarding outcomes.


Ryan, Yoga Facilitator


A friend gifted me a session with Aliki after seeing that I was unable to reach out to anyone who understood what I was going through at the time. 

I had been battling within myself for years and had been suppressing feelings of grief, anxiety, depression, anger, resent, betrayal, purposelessness, feeling lost, lonely, lack of motivation, inability to focus, negative self dialogue, unworthiness of love and relationships and false body image - all of which led me to outlets of escaping rather than facing these feelings and this ultimately manifested into my external world spiralling out of control and my inner world causing me chronic health issues. 
Working with Aliki, I was priviliged to witness and feel some of Aliki's incredible gifts and abilities through hypnotherapy, holistic counselling and energy healing. Through the use of these modalities Aliki has shed light on to all the darkness I was internalising for years, empower me to create the life that I want and step into the man I have always wanted to be.
The long journey out of my head and into my heart was arduous - but one that was met with compassion, empathy, support and theutmost belief that I could make it through anything life threw at me by Aliki.
Aliki's phenomonal ability to create and hold a safe space for me to dig up deep seeded, stagnant, unmoved and unwanted energy in my mind, body and emotions and transform that energy into feelings of lightness, ease, vibrancy and enthusiasm for life - all whilst sitting in a chair in her clinic or across the screen over Skype is something that will always be amazed by and truly grateful for!
Where I feel Aliki's presence and work the most is how I now show up in this world, the space that I can hold for others and the positive influence I can have on other people's lives.
It has been an honour to work with Aliki and I look forward to continue to co-create with her in the future.

If any of the above resonates with you, I highly recommend Aliki's offerings and services. 



Image by Agathe Marty

Hazal, Consultant


I’ve been working with Aliki for nearly a year and half now. I’ve wanted to offer a testimonial of my experience, it’s something I’ve tried to think about for a while… how I would write it, what I would include, how to translate the magic so that it’s understandable.

When I first chose to seek help, I felt a deep knowing that there was something more waiting for me. I was tired and fed up with recurring feelings of anxiety, depression and helplessness, I felt so close and yet so far from release and freedom.

Practically speaking, it was time to say goodbye to my 4 year long marriage, a truth I was longing to set free, yet felt terrified to admit. With Aliki’s guidance and very special set of skills, encompassing both energetic healings and counselling, I was able to transition through this time and melt away all that which was holding me back.

On the surface there was the initiation of the separation, yet below the surface was a world of programming, ailments, beliefs, trauma and paradigms that needed to be addressed. The many layers that Aliki unravelled and dismantled would not have been possible had I gone down the route of conventional counselling. A route I had been down before to address similar feelings.


Working with Aliki has been exactly what my soul has been yearning for, and has allowed me to reconnect with myself in a brand new way. In a way that I felt was possible yet couldn’t access. I now have a deeper connection with my spirit and my inner guidance system. I feel more attuned and clear as to where I’d like to direct my energy, and what my purpose is, on a grander scale.


Aliki really is The Path Clearer.