Kind Words 
Beautifully Spoken

And forever imprinted within me...

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Jules, Self Employed

I was introduced to Aliki while seeking help for my acne. What I received was a lot more than what I had hoped for. She helped me understand what my body was trying to communicate at a more profound level. What I discovered was that there's this inner guidance inside of us, however without proper direction this guidance is buried and ignored. Aliki helped me sharpen my senses, venturing deep into the untouched parts of my psyche, so that I could hear my inner voice and unlock the inner wisdom. She also brings a refreshing perspective on situations, unique from other therapists/healers I've worked with. 

Thank you for your phenomenal guidance Aliki, it is very much appreciated.

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My husband went to Aliki based on a recommendation from a friend. I had my hesitations but we were desperate as he was dealing with some addiction issues that he had been trying to battle with for a very long time. He had seen other hypnotherapist but to no avail. After he had seen Aliki (even after the first time) it made a massive difference. I decided I was going to see her myself. During that first session I felt an instant connection with Aliki and felt that she was the real deal. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her to other people whether it be for hypnotherapy or healing. 

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Fatima, Business Professional


Hi Aliki, This is my feedback for you 😍 In the past few years, I was feeling that I needed to achieve some goals in my career and personal life. I was aware of my current situation and at the same time I wanted to achieve my potential, there was a gap in between, to move towards my dreams I needed to learn how to be in tune with my inner power. Aliki was instrumental for me to learn how to believe in my intuition and create boundaries with some people to be able to grow and achieve my dreams on my terms. She helped me to unlock my true potential. Thanks for your help.

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Vera, Fitness Professional

I’d like to let the people whom are going to read this know, that a personal development path isn’t an easy one. I’m not going to lie. But, it’s definitely an eye, soul and path opener. I haven’t even scratched the surface of it yet with Aliki, but throughout these past 2 months, letting my emotions run free while we’re in a session has been the best gift I’ve given to myself. Ever! If you’re ready to put the work in, there’s no better person to trust this process with. Thank you Aliki for your help so far, and for the help you’ll be giving me in the future as well. Looking forward to unloading and unlocking whatever else arises✨ 

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My partner had been advising me to book an appointment with Aliki for quite some time for many different reasons, mostly because I was an emotional rollercoaster, but I don’t like to discuss with anyone what’s going on in my head so it festers up inside and comes out in different ways. Even though she highly recommended her as the best person to see, I kept palming it off as I thought I didn’t need healing I just needed to get over these things myself. After a while my tummy started to swell and caused discomfort, after trips to a doctor, hospital and naturopath, I couldn’t seem to find an answer. I booked in with Aliki. After my first session with her, I knew that the real reason I was guided to her was what was going on in my mind and with my feelings. She did some hypnotherapy which was a lovely journey to take and after I had many different emotions leading me to feel light and bubbly and I had amazing spiritual dreams, I also had two dreams about Aliki. She also did energy clearing with me in which she cleared out anger. I came to realise my tummy problems are related to my emotions and my swelling has now went down since she cleared away the anger. She also helped me to understand myself a little bit more, she is very intuitive and switched on and really knows what she is doing, she picked up on some past issues like self harm and some other things I then told her about some past experiences throughout my life including one about 4 years ago which I never really told anyone, and instantly I felt lighter, she really helped me throw these experiences and the people and the feelings far away during hypnotherapy. I really enjoyed just chatting to her and telling her things, she is a really good listener and has no judgement at all. She has helped me overcome some fears that I have and to process things differently. Even just her wise advice has learnt me to not let past experiences and dreams affect me the way they used to, I feel like her work has matured me in a way! Aliki is amazing at what she does, I can’t recommend her enough. No matter what the problem is, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually or even if you have no problems at all and just would like some energy work done or hypnotherapy, I guarantee you will feel wonderful after it. I will definitely be back. She is a wonderful soul that can do wonderful things to yours.


"Mother", Professional


Aliki was recommended to my daughter and I through her own work colleague. Her words were, "She doesn't need me, she needs Aliki!" 


We had been struggling with our daughter's anxiety for years. Getting to school had become an issue and our daughter had tried many paid and unpaid avenues to help her anxiety. To be honest I was willing to try anyone and anything.