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2 x 2 Hour Sessions

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Gaining internal resolve after a breakdown..

When relationships end in a way that isn't harmonious, or abbruptly it can be a shock to our equilibrium of existance. Even a change in the relationship or its pattern of communication and relatedness or connection can create an immense amount of pain, confusion and a whole range of emotions and thoughts. These sessions are designed in a way that connects the heart and mind to see the higher wisdom in the situation, that can not be seen by our everyday linear mind.

​What happens to our biochemistry

When grief has extended for long periods of time, it can have a tremendous affect on the endocrine system. It can create hormonal imbalances as well as irregularities in the energy bodies. The Sessions are designed to create an internal deeper resolve and repair the electrical circuitry of the Etheric Body to assist with the balancing of the bochemistry again.

​Preparing for your session

There is an online Intake form for you to fill in so that I am able to profile the energies and prepare for our session. These sessions are Hypnotherapy Sessions, as well as Energy Therapy Sessions, as combined they are highly effective in reaching the levels that are required.  The structure of the sessions could be one session of Hypnotherapy and 2 Energy sessions, or, 2 Hypnotherapy and 1 Energy Session. This is determined by the needs of the individual.

How many sessions? 

There are 2 x 2 hour sessions to start. Depending on each case, an additional follow up session, which are 75 minutes each in duration, may be required.

​​How often are the sessions?

2 Weeks apart.

What should I do after the session?

After care is an important part of the process. You have already taken all the steps to have the session, now it’s about making the room in your lifestyle for the shifts and changes to occur. ​ You may want to journal and write what comes up in between sessions to discuss.


What to prepare for

This will take making some room in your schedule where you aren't distracted by holidays or big events, that are going to derail your focus, commitment and progress to the results you desire. The change you require may be followed by big changes in lifestyle choices and facing some decisions you need to make.

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