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2 x 2 Hour Session

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This session looks at the energies between the two people involved and the core dynamics at play.  When we identify the dynamics, it allows for natural free communication. Disarming the dynamics within the relationship can be a turning point in breaking cyclic patterns of poor communication and lack of intimacy. This includes identifying habits that may have become a strain on the relationship.

The Process

By learning how you impact the others energies adjustments can be made in order to create a new space of relating. To book this session it is advised that you book a free phone consultation first to discuss the structure of the process. There are separate forms to complete individually and to return prior to your session.  It is recommended for effectiveness that 2 sessions are attended to follow up with the processing, from the Initial session and to close the space down. 

Who is this for?

This is recommended for those whom:

  • Are re-evaluating their relationship

  • Are looking to for a new outlook in their partnership

  • Have gone through a major crisis together 

  • Are dealing with imbalances and finding it hard to articulate with each other (including sexuality) 

How long are the sessions and how often?

Each session is 2 Hours and within 2 weeks of the other.

These sessions are conducted with the couple together.   


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