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6 Sessions | 10 Hours in total.

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This is a 6 session started package that involves a combination of Hypnotherapy and Energy Medicine. Each person is a case by case situation and so therefore will be discussed as per progress as to which modality will be applied at which point in time.

These sessions require a lot of time and looking at what is going on with a clients medical history. It is strongly advised that you have had medical tests or results that you being into the sessions to be clear on what you are experiencing thus then putting together a treatment plan for you based on what you would like to achieve.

This program is for either:

  • Cancer patients

  • Those whom have a long term medical condition

  • Have injured themselves and are looking to re – establish themselves again

  • Have experienced a major health crisis and are looking to bring back the spiritual components back into their health.

  • Pain reduction or management

  • Stress and Relaxation as part of treatment and recovery.

These sessions are structured in a particular way:

First 2 Sessions – 2 Hours

Each session thereafter are 1.5 hours

Each session commences with coaching and counselling and exploration and checking of progress before following on with therapy. This time will go very quickly.

Prior to the Commencement of this program you will be asked to fill in an evaluation sheet as well as a client intake form. The evaluation sheet is also a progress tracking sheet that is filled in at the end of your sessions.

If you wish to discuss this more in detail please get in touch by booking a 15 minute phone consultation.

This package is 10 hours in total and is $1500.


Cancellation – 72 hours notice required to cancel the complete program. Refund is minus booking fees of $43.80 and minus cancellation fee of $100.

Cancellation during part of the program will be minus the full value of the session fees for the time provided minus the booking fees of $43.80 and minus $100 cancellation fee. Otherwise, if there are circumstances that require you to postpone sessions, a credit for the remaining session can be applied and used if full cancellation is not required.

If any of the pre-booked sessions require rescheduling, an additional $15 rescheduling fee is applied for each session rescheduled.