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When you undergo a commitment to these sessions, there is a flow that occurs where each sessions compounds upon the other.  Processing time is required in between sessions, therefore there is a 2 week period in between each session. 

Results require a powerful setup that keeps you engaged and making room to pull the changes towards you.  Therefore it is your responsibility to make the room in your life by making the time for these changes to occur.


These 4 Sessions can be  either Hypnotherapy or Energy Medicine.  This will be determined during the requirements of the individual themselves.  

By structuring the payment upfront it commits you to the process with your own accountability and responsibility.  It is also showing  your understanding that when I work with a new client, a new energy contract is created and I also invest energy not only in our sessions, but behind the scenes in seeing the change and progress through that you desire. 


Counselling is the first part of the session followed by the therapy.

The first 2 Sessions are 2 Hours in length. This time goes very quickly. 
The second 2 are 75 Minutes in length
FEE $999.00


Many experience a shift after 1 session.

Choose from the available dates and book your Initial Session whilst paying for all 4 sessions upfront together.  You will then receive 2 notifications. One confirming the booking and the second to prepare and welcome you. The second  email will  enable you through to book in the remaining 3 sessions. These sessions are to be booked every 2 weeks from your Initial Session.


The  4 sessions will determine whether further work is required or if you have what you came for.  This again can only be determined on a case by case basis. 

If you do wish to continue working with Aliki at a later date, then you become an OLD CLIENT and book per session as required.