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Inner Child Recovery 8 Session Package

Book Your 15 Minute Discovery Phone Call.

Each Session is 2 Hours


This is now an 8 session package that uses Hypnotherapy only.

The Sessions are pre-booked within 2 weeks of each other and will spread over a course of 13 weeks to allow for processing time between each session. Please allow up to 72 hours prior to booking to ensure appropriate time to prepare.

Each session is set up with an intentional exploration that enhances the connection and communication towards resolving the wounds relating to your Inner Child. These sessions are structured with specific therapy techniques whilst being guided into a journey inwards. Each session has a different section and intention of therapy that is explored. The very first session is a foundation session to prepare you for the 7 remaining sessions, which are very specifically designed for Inner Child Reconciliation.

This program is for you if you:

  • Feel like there is something deeply wrong with you.

  • Find it hard to have boundaries, resulting in always having to please.

  • Are experiencing an imbalance with your masculine or feminine energies (e.g. a woman who is too in her masculine or a man who is too in his feminine).

  • Are constantly critiquing yourself and have a hard time accepting the imperfections in yourself and others.

  • Feel deep levels of abandonment and not able to be alone with oneself.

  • Don't feel a strong sense of self or really know who you are.

  • Find yourself constantly in conflict with others, often creating it.

  • Unable to deal with conflict and will often swing in extremes from either "cut and run" or "unable to let go" behaviour.

These sessions are structured with:

  • All Sessions are 2 Hours.

  • Each session commences with coaching, counselling and exploration, including checking of progress before following on with therapy.

  • Prior to the Commencement of this program you will be asked to fill in an evaluation sheet as well as a client intake form. The evaluation sheet is also a progress tracking sheet that is filled in at the end of your sessions.

If you wish to discuss this more in detail, please get in touch by booking a 15 minute phone consultation.


  • 72 hours notice required to cancel the complete program.

  • There is a $100 Cancellation fee.

  • Cancellation during part of the program will be minus the full value of the session fees for the time and sessions already completed, minus the cancellation fees of $20 per each session cancelled.

  • If there are circumstances that require you to postpone sessions, a credit for the remaining session can be applied and used if full cancellation is not required.


  • If any of the pre-booked sessions require rescheduling, an additional $15 rescheduling fee is applied for each session rescheduled.

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