Inner child recovery, is recovering the fragments within you on a multidimensional level, to allow for changes in one's personality, and becoming a more unified, self-actualized individual. It’s the foundation of inner love for you first before being able to really allow the love of another and the love for another. Learn to connect and listen to the words of your inner child from within, to experience the freedom you seek in your outside world.

These Sessions are tailored to each individual and involve Hypnotherapy. More information on the structure of these sessions are provided upon consultation.

The most significant relationship we have, that we often neglect and forget is the one with our “self.” The inner child makes up a part of the psyche that influences relationships, manifestation, abundance, health, behaviour, money and many other areas of life, even our profession and inner development.
The inner child can surface in unpredictable ways to show you that there are areas of life that they are feeling disrespected in, wounded, angry, hurt, dismissed, neglected, abandoned, rejected, abused and traumatized in. It can also surface when there is an experience of not receiving the adequate parenting that was “needed”, thus creating certain types of acting-out behavioural patterns in one’s life appearing as self-sabotage.

Learning to understand the needs of your inner child enables these feelings to surface within one's consciousness so as to reveal the core issues to be dealt with.

Reconcile With Your Inner Child

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"Psyche Scarring" can influence or change our perceptions of how things occur to us. 

It can even alter our perceptions of how we are treated by others.

Understanding the Psycho-Spiritual Connection

An important part of childhood is the level of attachment experienced between parent and child. This is where we create our feeling of acceptance and concepts of love, affection, connection and positive regard of certain behaviours.

We also develop a feeling of safety and security during the attachment years that helps us shape our emotionality and our personality. As adults, we neglect the ability to connect with the needs of our inner child and be our own "parent". This is where the psycho-spiritual element comes in, through first meeting and recognising that the inner child is present, and learning self-acceptance, self-love and self-understanding, which is essentially what the inner child is both yearning and looking for.

Learn to connect and listen to the words of your inner child from within to experience the freedom you seek in your outside world.

Break the Pattern of Dysfunction

Dysfunctional ancestral family patterning or templating is passed on from each generation at a cellular, energetic and subconscious level.

At times a person can be experiencing large amounts of family troubles due to their inner child being the one that has taken on challenging and changing the impediments or beliefs within the family. Partaking in Inner Child work and reconciling these dysfunctional energies is part of creating change on a broader scale for the entire family network, as part of the evolution in consciousness.

When the inner child is disrespected repeatedly or feels unheard, it can reap havoc on your life as who you are becomes the actions and manifestations of the unexpressed, wounded inner child. Working with a person who understands teaching healthy boundaries, attachment and how to connect with your inner child to nurture the balance of the masculine and feminine energies is key.

Committing to the Process

The sessions are booked and paid all together at once.  All booking times are displayed in your time zone.  Please allow up to 72 hours minimum prior to booking to ensure appropriate time for pre session preparation.Each session is booked within 2 weeks from the one prior.  It is very important to keep the momentum going, with no longer than the 2 weeks between the sessions. When you book your Initial Session, you will receive a Welcome email with a link for you to book the remaining 5 sessions. The 2nd Session is to be booked in immediately. It is recommended that all sessions are booked in all together so as to avoid disappointment due to unavailability and to ensure a commitment to the time and your pathway of change.


The Inner Child is the survivor within us all.

ALL AVAILBE TIMES ARE displayED in your local time zone.

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