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Thu, Aug 31


Online Group Meditation


Releasing Anger Group Meditation.

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Aug 31, 2023, 5:30 PM – 6:45 PM GMT+8

Online Group Meditation


Releasing Anger

Anger creates a large percentage of damage to relationships, to our personal energy, to our ability to access our self-awareness and self-actualisation.

A common myth around the spiritual or religious community, is to not feel, show or communicate anger. Anger creates a large percentage of obstacles and damage to our life path, relationships, personal energy, ability to access our self-awarenessand self-actualisation. It’s one of the most difficult emotions to recognise and process. The way a person communicates, behaves or carries themselves in their mannerisms can convey the emotion of anger.

 Pacified or placated anger from the lack of self-expression or the need to present and be known as “nice” or “good”, becomes passive aggressive anger, where it is covered by smiles, unusual covert communicating and changes in our body language. Other times anger can lead to public outburst, projections of intolerance, overly expressed judgement, misuse of positions of influence, periods of overwhelming emotional turmoil, violence, defamation of another’s character, self-degradation, self-abuse or punishment.

Where is anger stopping you in life?

Being with Another’s Anger

Acceptance & expression of your own anger, allows for the acceptance & expression of anger from another.

  • How do you handle another’s anger directed towards you?
  • Do you talk to yourself out loud about something or someone that is bothering you?
  • Do you replay dialogues over in your mind about what a person said and what you said?
  • Do you fantasise about how you would deal with a person or a situation in your mind that has you in the power?
  • Do you find yourself snapping at people, being moody or having an attitude?
  • Do you find yourself cutting people off and running in relationships?
  • Do you find yourself with-holding?
  • All of this keeps the build up of resentment and anger flowing.

Walk Away With

  • A new level of acceptance for what the anger is revealing.
  • Being a part of something that makes a difference to those in your life circle, your community of influence and the collective, whilst making a difference to yourself.
  • Feeling a shift in a situation or scenario that has had an impact on your life experience.
  • Feel more aware of your own heart coherence and develop emotional stability and a feeling of coming "home".



To liberate the human conditioned self from that of the ‘lower-self view’ by bridging the ‘higher-self view.’ This then re-templates the 'etheric self' so as to then filter through new life concepts of love, connection, acceptance, awareness, responsibility and expression, therefore shifting one’s personal world paradigm for living life in a more heart-centred way.


The world is changing, our concepts of love, spirituality and relationships are changing and as a result so is the way we shape community and belonging. From the impact of the global event that took place, many have lost relationships and communities. Anger, heart ache, grief and confusion run ramped among the masses still, regardless of the return to normalcy, in the undercurrents of the emotional body lies much unprocessed fear, concern, worry, guilt and sadness. These emotional responses remain embedded until something or someone, in one moment, can draw them out to be revealed. Consciousness and the directional relating of the heart centre, is now becoming the barometer of spiritual advancement and spiritual maturity on the planet.

The Process

In this meditation, I will be using particular skills known as Hypnotherapy to enhance your meditation experience, to the desired level of lucidity. 


Achieve a state known as lucidity, where you are experiencing a level of detachment from your everyday linear, conscious mind. 


A connection is made with your heart centre to deepen the experience.


There is a final exercise of anchoring the heart energies into ones life.


You will be writing down what comes through from the lucid state.


Being an online event we take the participation of others seriously and thus do not allow for recording of the event in any way. We respect your privacy. Part of the participation process is the online registration process. For those whom are on psychotropic medication, may not be permitted to participate. 
Age restrictions: 18+ Attendance.

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About Aliki

Aliki is a Qualified Counsellor and Trained Professional with a Diploma of Hypnotherapy. Adding to her natural skills as a Mystic channel with Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Clairaudient, Claircognizant abilities, is her  knowledge of energy psychology and providing treatment through Energy Therapy. She has observed human behaviour, working professionally in person and online, with people from various backgrounds and other professions for over 10 years. 

She has participated in  variety of personal development courses and has personally known teachers of conscious evolution. She has hosted workshops in the past, for meditation and consciousness expansion bridging physical reality to the etheric field, in order to assist others to better understand their own use of energy in their lives. Aliki currently works with individuals one-on-one, to clear their path and update them to a new version of themselves.

She is devoted to her service of others and making a difference through using a quantum consciousness framework in her sessions, and enhancing the use of the imagination faculty to enhance abstract thinking and ownership of ones own life experience. 

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