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Deep retrieval and purification of all energetic footprints in relationships. Infinity Hypnotherapy Session 21 Days Integration Break



Time is TBD



In this treatment we access the lineage of ancestral timelines to repair fractures to the masculine and feminine energy within which assists in the connection of healthier relationships. We also look at clearing the DNA lineage within family templating thus assisting in the evolution in the chakra and meridian system.

This is a very deep experience where the past energies that have been existing in relationships is dissolved and allows for creating a new experience of relating from authentic self.

Relationships and getting along with other humans are a very big part of life and purpose… this program goes into addressing deep relationship templates and acceptance of shadow behaviours that have been playing out consciously or unconsciously. In the Infinity session is where you are able to dive deep into this area of life.

Structure of the hypnotherapy session:

30 minutes opening the space

1.5 hours full hypnosis

30 minutes closing the space

(2.5 hours hours online in total)

This is for you if you:

  • You often feel let down by others, feeling angry, hurt or confused.
  • You are feeling very unsure of the future of relationships.
  • If you have gone through a sudden breakaway from certain relationships, groups or communities.
  • Are facing a change in profession.
  • Are not sure of what connects you to the people in your life anymore.
  • Are married, single, partnered, or dating.
  • Are experiencing or have experienced soul connections.

Infinity is a specially written program and formation of hypnosis. For those whom haven’t experienced hypnosis before, it can be related to meditation, however the experience is deeper and the results can be more transformational.

What you can get from this:

  • Restoring harmony within you with failed relationships or unresolved confusing energies relating to relationship breakdowns.
  • Repatterining of unconscious patterns inherited from family templating.
  • Self Acceptance.

Read this BEFORE registering:

  • Each participant must fill out an Intake Form with their personal details and to set an intention.
  • Mental and emotional stability is very important for receiving hypnosis so please ensure that you check in with yourself before registering.
  • The registration fee is non-refundable.
  • Please ensure that you will have adequate privacy and plan to be somewhere where you will have zero distractions or people walking in on you as this will hinder yours and others experience.
  • Please ensure you have a strong internet connection so that the session runs smoothly without distraction. This will be your responsibility to set you up powerfully for the session.



To liberate the human conditioned self from that of the ‘lower-self view’ by bridging the ‘higher-self view.’ This then re-templates the 'etheric self' so as to then filter through new life concepts of love, connection, acceptance, awareness, responsibility and expression, therefore shifting one’s personal world paradigm for living life in a more heart-centred way.


The world is changing, our concepts of love, spirituality and relationships are changing and as a result so is the way we shape community and belonging. From the impact of the global event that took place, many have lost relationships and communities. Anger, heart ache, grief and confusion run ramped among the masses still, regardless of the return to normalcy, in the undercurrents of the emotional body lies much unprocessed fear, concern, worry, guilt and sadness. These emotional responses remain embedded until something or someone, in one moment, can draw them out to be revealed. Consciousness and the directional relating of the heart centre, is now becoming the barometer of spiritual advancement and spiritual maturity on the planet.

The Process

In this meditation, I will be using particular skills known as Hypnotherapy to enhance your meditation experience, to the desired level of lucidity. 


Achieve a state known as lucidity, where you are experiencing a level of detachment from your everyday linear, conscious mind. 


A connection is made with your heart centre to deepen the experience.


There is a final exercise of anchoring the heart energies into ones life.


You will be writing down what comes through from the lucid state.


Being an online event we take the participation of others seriously and thus do not allow for recording of the event in any way. We respect your privacy. Part of the participation process is the online registration process. For those whom are on psychotropic medication, may not be permitted to participate. 
Age restrictions: 18+ Attendance.

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About Aliki

Aliki is a Qualified Counsellor and Trained Professional with a Diploma of Hypnotherapy. Adding to her natural skills as a Mystic channel with Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Clairaudient, Claircognizant abilities, is her  knowledge of energy psychology and providing treatment through Energy Therapy. She has observed human behaviour, working professionally in person and online, with people from various backgrounds and other professions for over 10 years. 

She has participated in  variety of personal development courses and has personally known teachers of conscious evolution. She has hosted workshops in the past, for meditation and consciousness expansion bridging physical reality to the etheric field, in order to assist others to better understand their own use of energy in their lives. Aliki currently works with individuals one-on-one, to clear their path and update them to a new version of themselves.

She is devoted to her service of others and making a difference through using a quantum consciousness framework in her sessions, and enhancing the use of the imagination faculty to enhance abstract thinking and ownership of ones own life experience. 

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