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Open Dialogue



What is in your blindspot that you can't see about how you interact with others?

We have a personal vibrational field that interacts and communicates with others. Uncovering how this energy field affects others, whether in a personal or professional environment, can reveal blind spots in how you relate or connect. Sometimes we lose sight of being able to handle ourselves when it comes to being around more than one person or a group. Dynamics between others have an impact on our day to day and how we go about life. Having some insight as to what may be impacting you is beneficial in interpersonal relationships. This is a tailored session where we look at blind spots in communication, behaviour and personal vibration that may be impacting certain relationships, events or life experiences.

Session Structure

This involves 1 x 2 Hour Session and 1 x 1 hour Session. Sessions can be booked for ongoing mentoring as required.


When you book your will receive a booking confirmation and a Welcome email to set you up powerfully for your session. You will also receive the link for you to book your second session. All sessions are recommended to be booked within 2 weeks of each other.

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