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We have a personal vibrational field that interacts and communicates with others. We are influenced by our internal and external environments in life. Within those environments are a network of intricate relating experiences. These  relating experiences are loaded with verbal and non-verbal communication.  Uncovering how this energy field has an impact, whether in a personal or professional environment, can reveal blind spots in how you relate, communicate or connect. Through exploring your language and tone of communication, body language and behaviour, you are able to recognise how what you are transmitting outwards may be impacting your success, growth or harmony in areas of life. 

One of the benefits of this session is bringing in another element of listening and revealing that not all traditional coaching techniques or mainstream therapies work for every individual. Being stretched and challenged to grow can be a confronting experience at times and working with someone who has a diverse range of understanding and skills in the intricacies that make up an individual is important, so as to build them based on who they are and their own unique vibration. 


Dynamics are an unseen force everywhere in our lives.

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I am able to connect and read the energies in order to work closely in breaking down unhealthy dynamics that can become unconsciously enmeshed with others. These dynamics can be in Family (including blended), professional, community, personal, romantic or sexual. I use this knowledge to pinpoint areas that are blocks to effective relating and connection with others. 

I offer a more heart centred approach to creating, cultivating or building leadership qualities or expansion in yourself or in business. This allows for a more intricate approach to revealing the dynamics that are unconsciously dominating your life and how they may be impacting you and others around you.

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For those who are either looking for support in the current field of work they are in, this session can assist in guiding your progress and direction in regards to personal vibration, manifestation and abundance, to utilise this information as a shaping tool  for other areas of your life such as shifting interpersonal dynamics, reaching targets, goal setting, cleaning up areas of your life, dream building or vision enhancement or dealing with ongoing change that requires close transformational support.

What are you putting out in your vibration that is your blind spot that could be impacting areas of your life in ways that you may not be aware of? What is your personal vibrational field communicating about you?

This session will provide clarity on what your "I am" presence is and how to empower yourself with it.


This is for those who are looking for precision and enhanced information in their interpersonal and vibration dynamics. If you are a healer, a therapist or a coach, there is information that can be gained to enhance the quality and effectiveness of your service.