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Higher Guidance Coaching & Counselling

Service Description

If you are looking for more than just a reading, then this is for you. This is a session that looks at what is happening for you energetically as a whole and what is going on with your own personal life journey for where you are right now.  This session uses a metaphysical and transpersonal type of counselling along with my abilities as an energy worker from a background of over 18 years and almost 10 years working as a professional. I am very experienced in understanding the psyche and the energy layers involved. By making a connection through the heart centre and to a persons higher self I am able to re-align their energies with their own higher again, as well as channel and filter the information from their higher self as to what is needed for them during this time to move forward.

Making the connection to the heart centre is a way to see what they are here to
experience as a whole and to provide guidance as to what they need from now.  At times there are unresolved issues that are coming up in a persons field that are affecting their life path. This is a way of bringing awareness to the situations at hand and how the physical world connects with the non- physical dimensions that make up who we are. 


When you book this session you automatically receive an email that sets you up powerfully for the session. There is a short client details form to fill in to set the intention of the session. This session is carried out as a Video call over Zoom and the link will be sent to you once your form has been returned.