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Children  &      Teens
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Children are very special to work with as they don’t carry all of the programming, beliefs or hang-ups that we have as an adult. They respond well to hypnotherapy and symbolism as they already have a wonderful imagination that is heightened and willing to learn. 

Teenagers are and often dealing with self esteem and confidence issues as they begin to shape their personality and sense of self to transition into young adulthood. (20).png
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"Failure to Launch" is also becoming an common behaviour associated with the young adults of today. This is normally characterised by not having fully developed their desire or skillset to "leave the nest" so to speak or reach certain transitioning phases of development or socialisation which provides them with that drive to launch themselves into being out in the world.

There are many children that are now coming though into the world that are highly sensory and need some different tools with someone that was once in that position and understand the psyche of that experience.

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Due to the way children are developing and changing, I often see young adults who are struggling, who have had traditional types of counselling, and it hasn't quite left them with the experience of speaking as freely or opening up as authentically as they would have liked.  If you would like to book this service then prior to the booking, please  book a free 15 minute phone consultation through the bookings page.

During this call the structure of the sessions can be explained to ensure that you and your child are empowered through the process and feel comfortable.  The sessions involve the therapy time with your child as well as debriefing and some counselling time with you as the parent. 

Parent / Child relationships are enmeshed and its important to look at the assistance for the child/teen as a whole.